Commentary: What's Left For Cowboy Fans?

"Neon" Deion Sanders was known in the NFL for his cover skills and his ability to pick off passes. But Sanders should stay away from college athletes, and the poor judgment of Dez Bryant, one of those college athletes, has intercepted Oklahoma State's premier pass catcher.

Okay, don't get me started on Sanders and his fraternization with college athletes on the behalf of either agent and friend Eugene Parker, or maybe one of Sanders' endorsements. Either way, in my opinion, the world needs less pros that act like Deion Sanders and more that act like Barry Sanders.

All that said, Dez did a major no-no. He lied or was at the least less than truthful and forthcoming with the NCAA about his meeting (and workout) with Sanders. In trying to keep from throwing Sanders under the bus, Dez got smacked head on by the Greyhound.

For your information, Mike Gundy repeatedly warned Bryant to stay away from Deion Sanders and then when the NCAA came calling, Gundy was preaching to Bryant to tell the truth.

Going to see Sanders, and working out with him, wasn't that bad. Lying to the NCAA would be.

It is just another chapter in the saga this one time dream season has become. It started on Tuesday of the week of the opener with Georgia when Gundy had to level with and console his team over losing popular middle linebacker Orie Lemon to a torn ACL knee injury, and the loss of starting tight end Jamal Mosley following several, questionable at best, encounters with coeds on the Oklahoma State campus.

Both were potential emotional losses for teammates and the word among some of the veteran staffers in the football program was that Gundy handled his meeting with the team as well as Vince Lombardi or Tom Landry could. Gundy was explanatory and comforting at the same time. He identified life lessons and the reason to push on with team goals.

Since then there have been a slew of injuries, not to mention the mistakes and freaky plays in the loss to a more than ready Houston team.

Now this. Bryant may not be a leader but he is a strong personality on the team and one of the greatest players that I have ever seen wearing an Oklahoma State uniform.

Gundy will steady the ship again before leaving for College Station. The players believe in him and trust him because he never gets too high or too low during the season, no matter what happens. Gundy has been a rock to the players.

Saturday's game against Texas A&M is very winnable, and expect some of the other receivers to really step up and some to come out of their shell with the demonstrative Bryant absent. This team can still win a lot of games but losing Bryant, maybe for the season but at least for the immediate and foreseable future, hurts. He is a major playmaker. I still think this team can win a lot of games, eight to nine is reasonable.

Now how about you? How should you feel? This was that special season. The year OSU would win the Big 12? The year the Cowboys would be in the BCS? Maybe, a year that Oklahoma State might play for a national championship? Heck, Sports Illustrated proclaimed it twice.

I'm not going to tell you how you should feel. If you are a real OSU fan, thick and thin, you've faced worse circumstances and come through OK.

I will tell you what gets me through. I love football, always have and always will. I love Oklahoma State, always have and always will. You see where this is going I really love Oklahoma State football. I'm not mad at the coaches or the players. I'm not mad at Dez Bryant. Heck, Dez is a good kid that made a poor choice. It happens every day, and often with worse consequences.

I'm just ready for another game on Saturday. Let's go play. Win or lose at A&M, let's go play again the next Saturday when Missouri comes to Stillwater for Homecoming. In the end we'll add 'em all up. I'm not going to let Deion Sanders or anything else intercept my football season.

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