Recruiting: Chase Rome Talks About OSU

Chase Rome says he is going to Nebraska and he also says that is final. We caught up with the 6-2, 280-pound standout defensive end from Columbia (Rock Bridge), Mo., on Sunday afternoon to ask about de-committing from Oklahoma State, and now being committed to Nebraska. Rome said it was a hard decision to announce after being verbally committed to Oklahoma State since the spring.

"I hate to do what I did to OSU," said Rome. "I had been thinking about it for awhile and felt I needed to say something. It is about finding the right place for me, and I think of all the comments that my dad made the one that is the most important is that the decision is not just for the next four years but about the next 40 years.

"I need to know that I'm going someplace that I will fit in and I will be happy about and not have any questions about years from now. I just felt that for the next four years I will be truly happy at Nebraska. I feel like I fit the scheme there better.

"I felt like the relationships that I built at Nebraska weren't necessarily better than Oklahoma State, but to me, they were more family oriented. It seemed to me with some of the coaches and players (at Nebraska) it was more about life and not as much about football. I have nothing bad to say about Oklahoma State. They were great to me and my family. It's just I had a better feeling about going to Nebraska."

Rome said he did still feel good about his decision after he attended the Oklahoma State opener against Georgia. He said his decision had nothing to do with his relationships with Joe DeForest (recruiting coach), Mike Gundy (head coach), or Bill Young (defensive line and defensive coordinator). He said Oklahoma State was very positive through out the recruiting process.

"Nebraska was just a place that I felt more comfortable and that it was a better fit," he added.

We also asked if the latest news on Dez Bryant, a situation where Oklahoma State was not responsible for the wide receivers ineligibility, had any impact at all.

"Very little, really none," said Rome. "Little factor. I think he freaked out and I didn't know what I would have done if I were him, but it really isn't for me to say because I wasn't in that situation."

Rome said he is final on his decision to attend Nebraska, and says he is shutting down his recruitment.

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