Sunday Night Chat: Talkin' Bedlam Executive Editor Robert Allen answers your questions about a variety of issues leading up to the 11th-ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys football game against Bedlam rival Oklahoma.

1RobertAllen: Hello everybody.
latimdj: evening RA
KansasPosse: hi RA

1RobertAllen: It should be a helluva week.
CowboyMedic: welcome RA
BState: Hey RA.....get you rested up after the last 10 days?
DOLEZAL: Robert, what is left in numbers in this recruiting class and who are the coaches concentrating on?

1RobertAllen: Pepto Bismol with my turkey, just kidding. I'm not really nervous about this. The kids know what is on the line and they will play their best.
KansasPosse: that's all we can ask
stlpoke: health of key players? Hunter, Zac, Sharp (anyome I am missing?
KansasPosse: Bond

1RobertAllen They are looking for two more, one on each side of the ball. There is one signee that is likely not going to make it and the thought is oversign one because invariably something happens.
latimdj: RA, I thought our receivers were out-physicalled and consequently intimidated by the UT DB's, how do you think we match up with OU's DB's.
DOLEZAL What is your gut on Zac, will he play?
patentwilk: Do you think Robinson plays? And, how effective will he be? Will Gundy be willing to pull Robinson if his shoulder prevents him from being effective?

1RobertAllen: I think on offense it could be an offensive tackle. tight end (there are several that have been offered), or a wide receiver (again, several have been offered). On defense it could be any position except middle or weakside linebacker.

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