Recruiting: Lavey Looks Forward To OSU Visit

Caleb Lavey has made numerous trips to Stillwater since committing to Oklahoma State last April, but the 6-foot-3, 224-pound linebacker from Celina, Texas, is really looking forward to his official visit this weekend. What does Lavey expect to learn? caught up with Lavey as he and his family were driving to Stillwater on Friday morning.

"I want to get a little bit more in-depth view of everything," said Lavey, who expects to be hosted by current Cowboy and former Celina standout Jamie Blatnick. "I'll get to sit in on (defensive staff and linebacker) meetings, hopefully get to see some practices a little bit closer, and get a chance to hang out with the coaches and players.

"I'll learn a little bit more about what goes on in practice, and then in the linebacker meetings what they go over and what I need to know. I think it'll be a lot closer view of everything," Lavey added.

"I'm really looking forward to this official visit. The unofficials were all fine but I've been looking forward to this, and I know it will be a lot of fun."

Lavey is one of three high school seniors – the others are quarterback Johnny Deaton of Sand Springs, Okla., and cornerback Devin Hedgepeth of Derby, Kan. – who are expected to enroll for the spring semester and participate in spring practice in a few months.

He took his last final exam this past Monday, and his final day of high school will be next Friday (Dec. 18). "I only have 5 days left. It's pretty weird," Lavey says. "When I say it at school around everyone, they're jealous. Everyone is ready to get out, and I'm lucky enough to get out earlier."

Will Lavey miss anything from not being at Celina High School in the spring? Miss anything? "No, not really. Not much goes on in our small town. No way I'll ever miss track. Track is the worst. I was never a big track guy," he said.

Lavey said he expects to take 15 hours in the spring semester to get a jumpstart on his college education. "It'll be good because I won't have the season going on, so it'll help me get used to it before I have to do both at the same time," he said.

The Celina standout (soon-to-be OSU freshman) says he has no pre-conceived idea of what to expect his first year as a Cowboy. "I'm going to go in there (this spring) with the attitude that I want to learn as much as I can, and hopefully do a good job in the spring game and learn everything as fast as I can, then we'll see what happens after the spring game. Whether I get redshirted or I get to play, I can go either way," said Lavey.

He is looking forward to getting acclimated to Rob Glass's workouts.

"I'm really excited. I've been doing my workouts and I've been running as much as I can, and doing my workouts with highest intensity but I know they're not even going to compare to the ones once I get there. But I'm looking forward to it. I'm nervous about the first workout. I don't know how in-shape I'm going to be for it."

Lavey said he weighed 224 pounds on Thursday night but "I don't even know what weight they would want me at to tell you the truth. I would guess 230 or 235 would be what they'd be looking for (by the start of next season)."

Lavey is one of four high school linebackers who are committed to the Cowboys – joining Stephen Maeweather, Kris Catlin, Shaun Lewis. OSU linebackers coach Glenn Spencer will be looking for replacements for seniors Donald Booker, Andre Sexton and Patrick Lavine during the spring.

"That wasn't the first thing that I looked at (when I decided on Oklahoma State) … it was really that I love Stillwater, I love the coaches, and loved everything about it. But then once I looked a bit closer, that was happening (with three senior linebackers), but Orie (Lemon) will be back. That's going to be good to have him there to tell me things that coaches couldn't teach me. I realize it's a great opportunity," says Lavey.

)Please check back on Sunday as will be visiting with Lavey and post an update on his official visit.)

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