Recruiting: One-on-One Shaun Lewis

The 6-2, 207-pound Shaun Lewis is a tremendous player and considered one of the best defenders in the state of Texas in the 2010 class. He has been committed to Oklahoma State for a long time. Cowboy fans that really like Donald Booker may delight in that he is a similar style defender with tremendous speed. We caught up with Lewis now that he has a little time with the holiday break.

GP: You always hear Fort Bend, Missouri City, and Houston. Once and for all which is it before Hightower High School?
Lewis: I call it Fort Bend Hightower. You've got other schools out there trying to compete but I think Hightower is the best in Fort Bend.

GP: You're committed to Oklahoma State and you've already made your visit here, right?
Lewis: Yes sir, I came up there during the Georgia game and I was pretty impressed with what I saw.

GP: That was a good game to come to, the entire town was pumped up before, during, and after.
Lewis: Yes sir, the whole city was buzzing after the win, and even before you could feel all the excitement. It was a great experience being there for all of that.

GP: When you made your decision, what were the keys that made you decide on Oklahoma State?
Lewis: It was just the sense of security, and I taked to James Thomas (OSU player) and he was telling me that it is just a family environment up there and that they were not just looking at me for using my abilities to make for a better football team. They also want me to be a part of the family and the school. That was a big thing to me because I needed to be a part of another family since I was going to be so far away from home.

GP: Do you know what you want to major in?
Lewis: As of now, no. I know it is going to be some form of engineering. I'm still checking around to see what I really want to do.

GP: You have a reputation of being one of the best defensive players in the state. You are part of a class that has won a lot of football games in high school. You have won a lot of games at Fort Bend Hightower and you were up for the Houston Touchdown Club Defensive Player of the Year.
Lewis: We fell kind of short this year from last year and losing in the state finals championship game. This year we lost in the second round, but I was pretty impressed with the way we played and we dominated the regular season. Overall, I am impressed with my senior year. I feel that I played pretty good and my coach tells me all the time that the cream of the crop rises in the tough games and I'm not sure we played in many tough games this year. I was looking forward to going further in the playoffs and testing myself. I was waiting for that deep run in the playoff for the best of me to come out. In the Touchdown Club thing I don't feel bad because the guy that did win it is a heckuva football player and I don't think anybody could have topped 21 sacks in a season, so he deserved it. I was just honored to be nominated and noticed as having played good football.

GP: Outside of football, what is something that is really important to you?
Lewis: You know my relationship with Christ is really important to me and I stress that much more than the X's and O's in football. I really stress having a good strong relationship with Christ because through Him anything is possible. I really take pride in that.

GP: Shaun, Merry Christmas!
Lewis: Merry Christmas to you too.

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