Recruiting: Murray Looks Like a Great Fit

Mount San Antonio C.C. cornerback Malcolm Murray visited Oklahoma State last weekend and then became the first OSU signee for the 2010 recruiting class. He signed his papers before he left campus and is now set to return in January, and with his 6-2, 205-pound frame and speed is ready to add needed maturity and talent to a position that will be hit hard by graduation.

Murray had a great visit, hit it off with players and coaches and seems to have really taken to Stillwater and Oklahoma State. I had a chance to talk to him further on the radio show earlier this week. Here is part of that of conversation.

RA: Good morning.
Murray: Good morning, how are you doing? I'm good just getting on this freeway to go work out.

RA: You are not a true California guy. You have your roots back this direction and even further east in Alabama, right?
Murray: Right, right, snow in the forecast is no big deal. I will just have to dress warmer when I get back there.

RA: You were recruited out of high school to Oregon as a wide receiver and now you are on the other side of the ball as a cornerback. How has that worked for you? You think like a defender or do you still have some of that offensive blood in you?
Murray: I always want the ball in my hands so I have some receiver in there. As a corner being a former receiver I have a little bit of an advantage in that I know how routes are broken down and as a receiver I know you always want to catch the ball at the highest point. So it is good that I played both growing up. It helps me out now.

RA: You had those two interceptions a couple of weeks ago in that championship game (a 7-6 win over College of San Mateo). Can you describe those two plays that you made?
Murray: The whole game it was raining and we called it the tsumani bowl because it rained and rained the and wind was real cold. The first one was a tipped ball. They were running a wing-T offense so they ran and ran the football. This time they faked a dive and they ran a little out. It was cold and windy and the ball tipped the receivers hand and it came out and I picked it off and kind of ran a little bit but right into the San Mateo players. The second one was a trick play. The whole game the tailback was lined up tight and with his gloves on and getting the ball handed off to him but on this particular play the starting tailback actually took his glove off. I was yelling but it was so loud and windy guys couldn't hear me because I knew it was going to be a double pass. Instead of jumping the run I just waited until he threw the ball and I got it and our offense got the ball back again and they did what they had to do and we came out on top.

RA: How about being comfortable at Oklahoma State. I assume that was the first time you had been to Stillwater.
Murray: Yes, that was the first time I'd been to Stillwater or to Oklahoma. I'd been close to Kansas and places but I had never been to Oklahoma.

RA: What did you think?
Murray: Just hearing Oklahoma before you go out there you think, what am I getting myself into? I just went with an open mind to see what was going on and what it was all about. I really enjoyed myself. The coaching staff was awesome, great, second to none. I can't compare them to anybody. The players are real mellow guys, down to earth, hungry to get the job done like me and they just want to win and get to the next level. That was what I was looking for, While I was out there I signed my papers and I will be going to Oklahoma State.

RA: Jason Jones recruited you and he is from Alabama and played ...
Murray: ... for the Crimson Tide. That was really good as we had some things in common and that was a good aspect of being recruited by him. He is just a good coach and he will be my position coach. He has told me he knows what needs to be done and he is going to help make me a better player by having me do the things that need to be done. Do the things to get the job done.

RA: You said fishing is like second nature to you. Do you fish for bass, crappie, catfish, what?

Murray: Anything. Just take me to a lake and I will make it happen. If football were not to work out then I think I would be a professional fisherman. I love fishing. It is real relaxing. You just go out to the lake and you don't have to worry about much. You just chill. I met a couple of guys, offensive and defensive linemen that like to go fishing in their time off from class and from football.

RA: Okay, not just your biggest, but what was your best catch?
Murray: My best, I have caught a bunch of big bass, but my best we were in Alabama fishing a couple of years ago in this river. Me, my uncle, and my pops. I caught this 20-pound alligator gar fish. The teeth were like little razors and coming out of the water it looked like an alligator. We pulled it up on the bank and it was real cool. I was like, wow! I had caught little alligator gar, but never one like this big. That made my trip the last time we were out there in Alabama. I caught it with a minnow. You have to go with some heavy line and you have to be ready to fight because they will fight you.

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