Recruiting: Wheeler Watches OSU Practice

A number of Oklahoma State commitments watched the Cowboys practice Sunday afternoon in preparation for Saturday's Cotton Bowl showdown with Ole Miss. Diamonte Wheeler and Montra Nelson, both from Arlington (Bowie), Texas, were able to make the short drive to Cowboys Stadium for the OSU practice. We caught up with Wheeler to visit with him about watching his future teammates.

Recruiting: Wheeler Takes In OSU Practice What are your thoughts after watching the Cowboys practice today?
Wheeler: I thought it was a lot like how my high school team practices, but it was a much, much faster pace. I think I'm ready for it. As a defensive tackle prospect, did you spend most of your time watching the defensive linemen?
Wheeler: I concentrated on the defense and the defensive line. What impressed you the most?
Wheeler: It would be the one-on-one (drills they did). What specifically impressed you the most in the one-on-one drills? Can you explain?
Wheeler: Just how the D-tackles used their hands and how quick they are off the (snap of the) ball. I was really watching that and trying to get some pointers. What player impressed you the most?
Wheeler: Number 90 (Swanson Miller). Hi strength and the speed he has for his size was really impressive, and the way he really exploded off the ball. Since it's a dead period in recruiting you weren't able to visit with any coaches were you?
Wheeler: No, we couldn't talk to anyone. What else about today's practice left an impression with you?
Wheeler: Watching Coach (Bill) Young and watching how he coaches. I would call him a hands-on coach, kinda like my high school coach. I personally like a hands-on coach to coach me, and I think being under Coach Young is going to make me a better player. Today was OSU's first practice in about five days. How did they look?
Wheeler: It wasn't a bad practice. They were a little rusty but I think their practice tomorrow will be much better. Are you planning to attend the game Saturday?
Wheeler: No, I'm not going to be able to go because I don't have any tickets. We'll just watch it on TV.

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