Markelle Martin: The Next ‘Punisher'

Lucien Antoine led Oklahoma State onto the field Saturday carrying the "Big Stick" in front of more than 77,000 fans for the Cotton Bowl showdown with Ole Miss. The senior free safety earned the nickname "The Punisher" with his violent hits on receivers and running backs this past season but the passing of the torch, on in this case the "Big Stick," may have taken place in the Cotton Bowl.

Sophomore strong safety Markelle Martin showed Saturday with his vicious hit on Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead that if anyone is heir apparent to "The Punisher" moniker, that he would be first in line.

The 6-foot-1, 190-pound sophomore from Wichita Falls, Texas, blindsided the Ole Miss quarterback following Antoine's second quarter interception. Snead went flying through the air with his helmet flying off when he hit the ground after the hit by Martin, which was replayed numerous times on the Cowboys Stadium screen high above the field.

"I was watching the quarterback, and I turned to look up to make sure Lucien had intercepted the pass, and then I turned around to block. I didn't think it was going to be as big of a block as it was but it just turned out that way," Martin said of his block on Snead. "I just kept going to the bench. I never looked back afterwards."

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