Recruiting: Catlin Says Visit Was Good

"We are heading back to San Antonio, about an hour outside of Dallas," said Kris Catlin, the San Antonio (Madison), Texas linebacker, when asked where he as he was traveling home from the huge 18 committed player visit weekend at Oklahoma State.

About that time on the radio Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo fumbled.

"Dallas is my second favorite team, so that's bad, but I'm really a (San Diego) Chargers fan," said Catlin in talking about the action on the radio.

"Things went really good this weekend and I got to meet all of the linebackers that I am going to be competing with, you know for position and then on the field against the other teams. That and I got to meet 19 guys that are in the recruiting class," Catlin said.

Catlin was obviously counting a couple of the players in the class that enrolled early as he was one of 18 that visited this weekend. There are four members of the class already on campus, including quarterback Johnny Deaton, cornerback Devin Hedgepeth, linebacker Caleb Lavey, and junior college corner Malcolm Murray.

The 6-2, 210-pound Catlin is a threat to compete for time right away and he told us he was hosted by Orie Lemon, the obvious leader of the linebacker corps for next season.

"He's cool, a really good guy and you can tell he knows a lot about playing linebacker in college," said Catlin.

"Like I said, we all had a good time and while I had been up there a couple of times, I got to see the new facilities for the first time with all the furniture in there and it was nice."

Catlin said he is set to sign next month. He had family with him this weekend for the visit as his father, Carl, his stepmom, and brother all made the trip to Stillwater.

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