Recruiting: Craig Has Cowboy Pride

There is no doubt that there was a lot of excitement for all of the prospects making the official visit to Stillwater this weekend. It is very rare for players in a recruiting class to get to meet so many of their new classmates this early in the recruiting process but one OSU commitment had a little prideand it showed in our conversation with Smithson Valley standout Zack Craig.

The 6-1, 180-pound defensive back spoke to us just while driving through Norman on his way home.

"It was so much fun, great having all of the recruits there and a blast meeting all the guys," said Craig. "The highlight of the weekend was being there as a team, our own class. This summer when we get back we are going to be familiar with each other.

"They are great guys, classy, and we got along well this weekend. You can tell from the coaches and the way they talk that this is a really good class. I was impressed in every way."

Craig, who is also a standout in track at Smithson Valley, was part of three playoff teams and played on two teams that participated in state championship games.

He's also been a part of Oklahoma State for a long time as his father and mother, Steven and Janet, are both Oklahoma State graduates. That added to the excitment of the weekend. "They had a great time," said Craig. "It is like their home away from home."

Craig also had his little brother and his older sister on the trip. It turns out his older sister, Mallory, will be following her younger brother to OSU. Mallory is set to begin as a strength and conditioning graduate assistant next year after finishing up her degree and her softball eligibility at Baylor.

Criag said his host for the weekend was redshirt freshman defensive end Andrew Hudson of Bush, Texas.

"He is a great guy and we connected well," said Craig. "You know it is always a little awkward at first, but by the end of the two days I had a friendship with a guy on the team and I really know one of my teammates other than the guys in my class

"On the visit they showed us the strength and conditioning weight room and the locker room and they had OSU jerseys with the high school numbers sitting in the lockers. That was kind of neat because you could really start to vision what it would be like to be there. The food was the top of the line, steak, spaghetti, chicken. It may have been the best food I've had in my entire life."

What you take from a conversation with Zack Craig is that it is special to go on an official visit, but if both your parents went to the school and it is a school that you have always kind of seen yourself playing at, well then that official visit is really special.

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