Recruiting: Sorenson Meets With Gundy

It shouldn't have been surprising that quarterback Nate Sorenson of Texarkana (Texas High), Texas, had some concerns when Dana Holgorsen was hired last week to run the Cowboys offense. Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy made the trip to Texarkana on Monday to visit with the standout dual threat quarterback. caught up with Sorenson on Tuesday to find out how his visit went with Gundy.

The 6-foot-3, 200-pound Sorenson said that Gundy was joined on the visit by assistant coaches Joe Wickline and Robert Matthews, and the Cowboy coaches spent nearly five hours at the Sorenson's home in Texarkana (arriving around 3 p.m. and not leaving until 8 p.m.).

It wasn't long after the OSU coaches arrived that Wickline and Matthews stepped outside with Sorenson's parents, leaving the Cowboy quarterback commit to visit with the OSU head coach.

"I just wanted a one-on-one session with him, just me and him so that he could explain to me what's going on," said Sorenson. "Coach Matthews, Coach Wickline and my parents went outside talking and that's when I asked Coach Gundy what was going on with the new offense and the hiring of the new offensive coordinator.

"My concern in the whole deal was whether the offense was going to change drastically to where I wasn't going to get to run the football. (People) threw names out like (Texas) Tech and Houston, and the only game that I got to watch Houston play was against Oklahoma State," Sorenson continued.

"I'm perfectly fine with throwing the ball 45 times a game. I mean that's a plus for me too, but one of the main reasons I was going (to Oklahoma State) was because I want the ball in my hands and I want to be able to run the football. My main concern in the whole thing was if I was going to be able to run the football?"

Sorenson said he got the answers from Gundy that he was needing to hear.

"He put it in easy terms. He said they run 80-some plays a game, and he asked me, ‘Nate, how many times do you think you're going to throw the ball if we call 50 pass plays? You're not going to throw the ball 50 times.' He said, ‘Let's say you have eight scrambles (each game), and then you have four or five designed running plays every game that are designed for you, that means you'll have 12 or 13 plays a game. Then you multiply that by 12 games and you'll have about 150 carries a year. A bunch of people would die for that.'

"I was like, that makes a lot more sense and made me feel better about the situation knowing that I'll get to carry the ball about 150 or 160 times in a year," Sorenson said. "I just didn't want it to be when I got there (at OSU), and I think one of the things that I'm good at is running the football and not even getting to use it. I just felt like that would have been a waste if I hadn't got to run the football."

Sorenson says he is as thrilled about being an OSU commit – and a Cowboy signee in 15 days – as when he made his decision nearly a year ago.

"I'm really excited about it. Case Keenum threw for 4,500 yards this year, and at Texas Tech they threw for a bunch of yards, and Keenum got to run the ball too, so I'm really excited about the offense. What quarterback wouldn't want to throw the football around?" asked Sorenson, who said that Texas High head coach Barry Norton had received telephone calls from TCU and Baylor in recent days asking how strong his quarterback's commitment was to Oklahoma State.

"With a coaching change right before signing day I just wanted to know what it was about? I'm really excited about everything else that is going on there too.

"I'm still good and ready to get up there," he concluded.

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