Recruiting: Eli Dickerson Rocks

It is not unusual for a football lineman to be a rocker. This fall the world learned about Dallas Cowboys Marc Columbo (lead singer), Leonard Davis (bass guitar), and Corey Proctor (drums) joining in with Proctor's friend Justin Chapman (lead guitar) to form Free Reign, a hard rock band that took a hiatus during football season. Now Oklahoma State has a rocker on the way in Eli Dickerson.

The 6-6, 280-pound Dickerson, from The Woodlands (College Park), Texas, is a talented offensive lineman that is also an outstanding student. But like anybody he has to have his release and through friends and a previous experience of playing a musical instrument, Dickerson discovered his release was the bass guitar.

"I like to have fun," started Dickerson, who is a very gifted young man that switched his commitment from Rice this fall to join the Cowboys 2010 recruiting class.

"My friends and family mean so much to me and I have to have time with them. Music is a big part of that and a few years ago I started playing the bass guitar and some of my friends formed a band. It's nothing serious, we just like playing together. We also like going off and playing disc golf too. It's just having something that relaxes you. I need it to keep me sane."

Dickerson is an honors student who on the football field takes his job very serious and strives for high grades in his blocking just as he does in his chemistry class. The pressure can build up when you are one of those individuals that strives to be the best.

Dickerson said he has always loved music but never had a serious relationship with it. "I played the saxophone in fifth and sixth grade, but dropped that when I got to junior high school," he said.

Still wanting to be involved in music, five years ago he said he picked up the bass guitar and it stuck.

"It took me awhile but I never really got discouraged and then when I started playing in a band with my friends I noticed that I got exponentially better," explained Dickerson. "Now I like to create some of my own music, and sometimes before I got to bed I will pick up the bass and just play for awhile making up a lot of it."

As for inspiration, Dickerson said he really likes the music of Red Hot Chili Peppers. You could say his hero on the bass is Michael "Flea" Balzany, the flashy bass player for the native California alternative rock band.

"I think they are really innovative with some of the things they do with the bass," said Dickerson of the Peppers. "I like a lot of things, '70s, '80s rock and I like Sting and the group you like, Foo Fighters."

(EDITOR'S NOTE: During this time right before Signing Day, the staff of is busy working on both next week's coverage for the web site and on the features and information that will appear in the annual Go Pokes Magazine recruiting issue which will go to print shortly after the ink is dry on the letters of intent signed next Wednesday. We are still keeping up with the activity that is going on but sometimes we like to throw out a preview of what you can expect in the upcoming recruiting issue. This story is just too good. OSU offensive line commitment Eli Dickerson likes to relax by playing the bass guitar. Here's a portion of that feature to whet your appetite for the recruiting issue.)

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