Recruiting: Littlehead Wants To Be Role Model

Chris Littlehead is an All-American (Offense-Defense All American Game) defensive tackle from Tahlequah-Sequoyah. Littlehead is Native American and as I found out in my interview with him for the upcoming recruiting issue of Go Pokes Magazine, his heritage is very important to him and serving as a role model for young athletes that are Native American is very important to him.

"A little of it has to do with the fact that there wasn't anybody for me to look up to. But a lot of it is so that I can go do this and now maybe there will be some kids that will see me and look up to me and believe that they can do it too," said Littlehead, who is very sincere about being a role model.

Littlehead has probably lost some publicity in that Tahlequah-Sequoyah doesn't get as much publicity as they should. Former Oklahoma State quarterback Brent Scott has done a tremendous job in building the program and a major building block to the unbeaten regular season that the Indians had this season was Littlehead.

The 6-4, 305-pounder played well on both sides of the football. He is also a leader off the field, which makes him a good role model for the younger kids at Sequoyah.

"That's important to me, to be a good role model for the Native American society," added Littlehead. "I want to do good, to help out younger kids and show them that if I can do this then they can do it too.

"I didn't think about Division I athletics much because there weren't many Native Americans playing football. Then after my freshman year and the camp at Arkansas it got my mind going. I also started thinking about how I could help by being an example."

In talking with Littlehead, I pushed a little and asked if there wasn't any role model he had in sports, Native American or not, and he stayed true to his culture.

"Jim Thorpe," he answered. "I have studied some and learned about his life as an athlete and all the things that he accomplished. There is no shortage of information in this state about Jim Thorpe."

There isn't any shortage of info on Thorpe, the greatest athlete of the previous century, and if Littlehead will keep pushing and working hard then there is apt to be plenty of information out there about him and yes, he can serve as a role model for Native Americans in college athletics. He certainly has the talent and from all indications the drive as well to succeed.

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