Deion Imade: His Coach's Take interviewed the high school coach for each of the Oklahoma State commitments in the days leading up to National Signing Day. In this installment of "His Coach's Take," we visit with Rowlett High School head coach Kiff Hardin about Deion Imade, a 6-0, 180-pound defensive back from Rowlett, Texas.

What are his strengths as a football player?
Kiff Hardin: The main thing is he's a real physical kid, and has a great instinct for the ball. Playing in the secondary, he's a good supporter of the run and a great defender of the pass. Obviously, he's a very good athlete and very instinctive player.

What do you believe will be his biggest challenge in going from high school to playing in the Big 12?
Kiff Hardin: I think it's not unlike any other young man, it's going to be the speed of the game. The athletes are bigger and faster and stronger, and there's less room for error.

Was there one game, or maybe even one play, during his career that you'll always remember?
Kiff Hardin: Boy, you caught me off guard with that one. He's been a real consistent player for us, play in and play out. That's got to be one of his strengths. He is a steady guy.

What are three words that describe him as a football player?
Kiff Hardin: Hard work, character, and a tremendous young man.

Why do you think he chose Oklahoma State?
Kiff Hardin: I think the opportunity to play in the Big 12, and it's an excellent program.

What type of impact to you expect him to have on the OSU football program?
Kiff Hardin: I think it's a big challenge for all young men to get on that level of play and to first of all put them on the Big 12 level of play, and then on a championship level of play, which obviously they want. I think once that challenge is made and met I think he will be an impact player in the secondary.

Over the course of his college career, whether it be four or five years, what do you expect him to accomplish?
Kiff Hardin: I think he wants to help bring a championship to that program. I think just be a contributor to the program, whatever aspect that is, and be a positive part of that program.

What will you remember the most about coaching him?
Kiff Hardin: He's a super kid to be around. He came to practice dedicated to working and making himself better, and trying to help make the people around him better. I think the solid character that he is on top of being a great athlete and football player that's that I will remember, and what an outstanding individual he is how he helped our program by just being a part of it.

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