Recruiting: Signing Day Superlatives

This is just for fun and just my opinion, but here are my superlatives for the 2010 Oklahoma State football recruiting class.

Top of the Class
Shaun Lewis, LB, Ford Bend (Hightower), Texas
Lewis would have been top of the class, although we have to admit that Calvin Barnett would have been close as a runner-up. Lewis earned All-American status playing in the Under Armour AA Game. He is one of the best defensive players in all of Texas and people in the Houston area are convinced he is a future NFL performer. He will grow some but brings great speed, a strong work ethic, and a really good football IQ. He will play quickly and could earn starting status very early as well.

First Impact
Chris Dinkins, WR, Tyler (Robert E. Lee), Texas
As much as we brag about Lewis, our guess for the first player to make a big impact, a big play in a game that counts, is Dinkins. He is very explosive and in the new offense he will get a chance early. Mike Gundy has long told his staffers that he thinks Dinkins could be a "Bowman or Bryant" kind of talent in the passing game. All he needs to do is learn the position and he will get time on the field.

Mr. Personality (Tie)
Kris Catlin, LB, San Antonio (Madison), Texas
Joseph Randle, RB, Wichita (Southeast), Kan.
Gundy has a first-year player rule of no interviews with the media but these guys are qualified. They are well spoken, love talking to folks and the good thing is they are liable to do something on the field worth talking about. The class is full of good interviews, but these two are charmers as evidenced by their radio interviews on my show Wednesday. I agree with the first-year player rule but I will really be anxious to put a microphone back in front of these two when they are sophomores.

Mr. Humility
Christian Littlehead, DT, Tahlequah (Sequoyah), Okla.
A lot of the players in this class did not know their stats but Littlehead acted as if they did not matter. He is all about the team and when we did discuss performance the one he seemed most proud of was his 90 percent touchbacks on kickoffs as one of the few 300-plus pound kickers in the country. A very humble young man that wants to be an example to others.

General Patton
Caleb Lavey, LB, Celina, Texas
From the first day the new players were in for the spring semester it has been Lavey leading the way. He is a natural leader and with all apologies to the quarterbacks in the class, Deaton and Sorenson, who are both good leaders, Lavey is a quarterback on defense and takes the role very serious. He will be a fired up defender for Bill Young and company. I think linebackers coach Glenn Spencer is going to love coaching this guy.

First Off the Bus
Daniel Koenig, OL, Cape Coral, Fla.
Gundy calls him the best of the Koenig family in frame. He is 6-6 and growing and could wind up weighing 315 pounds or more. He is impressive when you walk up to him as he is not just big, but also very athletically built.

Javius Townsend, OL, Dallas (Madison), Texas
He can compete with Koenig on being impressive but while he may not have the biggest numbers on bench and squat, he has had maybe the least amount of formal supervised work in the weight room and still is very strong. Wait until he gets time with Rob Glass and company, Townsend will be ready for World's Strongest reruns on ESPN in the middle of the night.

You'll Be Glad Their Here (Tie)
Davidell Collins, DE, 6-6, 255, Bearden, Ark.
Zack Craig, DB, 6-3, 180, Spring Branch (Smithson Valley), Texas
My favorite category as this pair are not the most heralded signees in the class. They don't have the most stars or the most SPARQ points. However, at the end of their careers I predict they will be there for their senior banquet and when they are announced they will have plenty of honors and titles by their names and people will be standing and clapping. Some may call this a sleeper award, I prefer to think of it as a potential award with a promise. I think Collins and Craig will live up to the promise.

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