Bedlam Notebook: Reality Check

We all think about how critical these games ar but sometimes we take the experience for granted. Overheard in the men's bathroom on the lower level just off courtside about 45 minutes before the game were two young boys and their father, all dressed in orange.

"Oh boy, we get to see the Cowboys play basketball in person," said the youngest boy, who looked about 5 years old. "This is going to be so much fun."

"It better be," said the father. "This is costing $200."

"I can't wait," said the youngest boy. "James Anderson, Obi, Keiton ... I love the Cowboys."

"We see the Sooners too," said the other boy, who looked around 7 years old.

In retrospect, I think the dad and his boys got their money's worth.

Oklahoma State will be without freshman starting point guard Ray Penn the rest of the season as Penn is now in a cast with his lower leg that has given him problems the past month. It was originally diagnosed as a hot spot and a potential stress fracture.

"Ray Penn is done for the year. He's preparing for next year already," said OSU head coach Travis Ford after the game.

"He was in the weight room lifting hard yesterday. He's in a cast if you didn't see him and he's done for the year. We want him to be the best point guard in the league next year, so we're not going to take any chances," said Ford, adding that Penn just needs rest and not any surgery.

Penn being done for the season may actually help players like Fred Gulley and Keiton Page adjust for good the rest of the season to changing roles.

"We haven't talked a lot about it, but probably, probably," said Ford. "If you sat Fred Gulley down and I thought that Fred may have had one of his best games. He didn't have a great stat line but I thought he ran the team as well as I thought he had this season. Hey, the finality of the fact that the guy is not playing there may be something to that."

Oklahoma played Saturdayt's game without starting sophomore guard Willie Warren, who was reported to have a case of mononucleosis. They were also missing starting freshman forward Tiny Gallon, who was suspended for the game by OU head coach Jeff Capel for violation of team rules. Warren was averaging 16.2 points per game and Gallon was averaging 10.4 points and 8.0 rebounds a game.

"It was another scorer and rebounded," said OU player Tommy Mason-Griffin when asked about being without the two starters. "Getting out rebounded like we did led to offensive momentum for them and allowed them to break the game wide open. It has been a down season for Willie I don't know what he can do."

James Anderson had 18 points in the first game against Oklahoma but came out when the Cowboys had a seven-point lead in the second half. Anderson was knocked groggy and while he came back, he was never the same in the game.

Oklahoma won in overtime 62-57 as the Cowboys struggled offensively down the stretch. It was the Sooners' eighth win in the last 10 Bedlam games. Makes you wonder, what would have happened if Anderson doesn't get kicked in the head.

"I've thought about that more than once," said Ford after Saturday's Bedlam win. "This week, last week, I've thought about that more than once, but that is part of the game, absolutely part of the game. Oklahoma has won some big games this year and they outplayed us that game. There is no question if James Anderson is not in the game ... well, we're better with him in the game."

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