Q&A With Ex-Cowboy QB Zac Robinson

Former Oklahoma State quarterback Zac Robinson has been busy with a week at the Senior Bowl in which he was the star quarterback, outshining the likes of Tim Tebow and Cincinnati's Tony Pike, and then moving on to the ESPN College Football All-Star Challenge where he showed off against the likes of Pike, Mississippi's Jevan Snead, and Central Michigan's Dan LeFevor.

Now Robinson and a strong group of draft prospects including Texas Colt McCoy, Stanfords' Toby Gearhart, and Missouri's Sean Weatherspoon (Zac's roommate) are working out in Irvine, Calif., to get ready for the NFL Combine. We recently caught up with Robinson to find out how life is treating him.

GP: I guess it is strange for you to hear former OSU quarterback?
ZR: Yeah, that is the first time I've heard it and I don't know if I like the sound of it. I'm having a good time out here and I'm getting some good work.

GP: Who did you go with as an agent?
ZR: I went with David Dunn of Athlete's First and he has a great track record with quarterbacks like Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez, and Aaron Rodgers. That was a big factor for me and we're out here in Irvine, Calif., and we have 14 really good athletes out here working hard and getting ready for the combine and the NFL Draft.

GP: Who would we know that is out there with you?
ZR: We have Colt McCoy here and then Sean Canfield from Oregon State and those are the three quarterbacks. Earl Thomas (cornerback) from Texas, Sean Weatherspoon from Missouri and that is my roommate. We have Toby Gearhart from Stanford, Aaron Hernandez the tight end from Florida, and Damian Williams the wide receiver from USC. There is a really good group and we've worked hard and had some good time.

GP; Let's go back to the Senior Bowl and the practices. You got a lot of exposure on the NFL Network being on the South team with Tim Tebow. How did you feel about the practices and working with the Miami Dolphins coaching staff?
ZR: I thought I had a great week and I got a lot of good feedback from teams, coaches, and scouts. I also heard good things from people just watching practice. I had fun learning a pro-style of offense and being under center instead of being in the shotgun formation. I think I was in the shogun all of two times all week long. I liked being under center and going through five-step and seven-step drops. I actually started feeling comfortable with that. I knew a lot of the focus was on Tebow. We had fun competing, the three quarterbacks, all week. I thought Monday, Tuesday and Thursday were good days for me. Wednesday I was kind of up and down all day. I thought, overall, the week went well.

GP: I know Wednesday you could have shot Perrish Cox (OSU teammate intercepted him twice in practice).
ZR: He stepped in front of a route on one of them and then on the other one my arm got hit and the ball kind of flung up in the air. I really didn't count that one, but he had a really good day against me.

GP: You mentioned you weren't in the shotgun much and you weren't under center a lot at Oklahoma State, but you may have had more experience with that than most of those quarterbacks.
ZR: I think so and it definitely helped me out. We always practiced taking snaps under center before practice at Oklahoma State and then we were under center maybe 20 percent of the time. I don't think Tebow or Tony Pike from Cincinnati were ever under center. Dan Lefevor of Central Michigan hardly ever. So it did help me out. It is different dropping back and reading coverages but I kind of like it. That is the biggest thing in a five-step drop is reading defenses and that is the biggest transition.

GP: In the game you had to wait and bide your time, but you came in during a two-minute situation which was always something you did really well at OSU.
ZR: It was good. The All-Star game the way they choose people is they kind of draw straws. We knew Tebow was going to start because he was the show, but it was kind of weird to wait around and it was a cold night so I was trying to keep warm. Then when I came in we had a few time outs and it was a two-minute drill and we started moving it a little bit. We drove it down and got a score and I was definitely glad I came in with that situation.

GP: Can you compare that whole week to anything you've ever done? The reason is every throw you made, even in warm ups was being scrutinized. That is a lot of pressure all week long.
ZR: It was a lot different than anything I've ever done. The thing I tried to do was like on Monday, and we were at a high school with a lot of fans and they'd be lining the sidelines and you'd look over and there would be an NFL head coach standing there, so I tried to block it out and just concentrate on what I was doing. It wasn't like any practice there in Stillwater, I can tell you that. I liked it, being under the microscope and being under the gun with every throw. I think if you don't like it something is wrong with you. I tried to do my best and when I didn't pick myself up and I thought I did a pretty good job with it. At the Senior Bowl I think I proved that I can be a quarterback in the pocket. I only took off and ran a couple of times in practice and then once in the game. I'm definitely looking at proving that I am an NFL quarterback.

GP: I wish I had a chance to see more throws from Zac Robinson to Dez Bryant during the season like I saw on the skills challenge (in Miami, Fla., at Florida International University). That looked like fun and you did well in that.
ZR: Once I heard I had the opportunity to do that I didn't want to pass it up. You grow up watching those competitions and the quarterbacks throwing at the moving golf carts and seeing how far you can throw it. I wanted to do that. I jumped all over it when they asked me to do it. Actually, Sean Canfield (Oregon State) and I have become good friends so it was ironic when it came down to us in overtime in the accuracy challenge and he barely got me. He's been giving me a hard time about that. It was fun with the other quarterbacks, and Dez was there and Jordan Shipley of Texas. It was a good group all the way around.

GP: We gave you a hard time about being in Miami during Super Bowl week. That is one big party down there.
ZR: We came back on Tuesday, Taped it on Tuesday and then we came back and got back to workouts. We could have stayed but with the combine just a few weeks away I thought it was more important to get back and get the work in.

GP: What is your workday like there at the Athlete's First facility? Are you in two-a-days or three-a-days?
ZR: We are in three-a-days. We do two hours of speed and agility work in the morning. Then we have a great quarterback coach out here in Bob Johnson. There is no one that is better than him and he is grinding on us four days a week. Then we go out around noon for a throwing session and then back in for an hour film session after that with him and his son, Rob Johnson, who played in the NFL for several teams including the Buffalo Bills. Then we come back later in the afternoon for our strength work and then call it a day and pretty tired by then. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

GP: Your plan is to do the entire workout at the NFL Combine?
ZR: Right, I would assume so right now. I have been working on the forty, the three-cone (drill), the L drill, and I plan on throwing there. I would assume that the plan is to do the whole workout unless something changes.

GP: Since you finished up in the Cotton Bowl the Cowboys have hired former Houston offensive coordinator and Mike Gundy is going to let him take over control of the offense. What are your thoughts?
ZR: I'm all for it and I think it is going to be good. I've talked to Brandon (Weeden) and he is excited about it. I think it will work out well and I think the guys will want to learn it quickly because they know what kind of points and yards it can put up. I kind of saw it coming toward the end of the season. I felt there might be some kind of change. I think it is going to be good and the guys are going to be ready to roll.

GP: Good luck with the work and we will be watching the combine.
ZR: Thanks, we've got some more work to do here before we get to Indianapolis. I appreciate you having me on. Thanks again.

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