Spring Football Notepad

The Oklahoma State offense under new offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen is going to be pass happy but as Holgorsen has said he won't neglect Kendall Hunter. Holgorsen once said he would like to get the ball in Hunter's hands every other play. The head coach said that may indeed happen.

"I think that is a better question for Dana. But I would say off hand there is a good chance he could touch the ball 250 times (next season)," said Gundy.

"Maybe it is 160 rushes and then more catches. At times you have to remember a shovel pass is really a pass, but it is like a run. I think he could easily touch the ball a couple of hundred times. If Jeremy Smith is playing well and Travis Miller and Dexter Pratt (playing well) then maybe he doesn't have to touch the ball as much," Gundy added.

Gundy feels all the backs will be very involved and he says so far he has noticed that Hunter seems excited about the change in offenses, which for Hunter, is not as much of a difference as some would think.

"I think he is very excited," said Gundy of Hunter, who will be a senior next season. "There is some familiarity and similarity in the running plays to the ones that he is used to in the previous offense. For him to have the opportunity to touch the ball in space is an advantage for our offense and it is an advantage for him."

Taylor Not Used to Being the Old Guy
In reality he is just a sophomore, but Lane Taylor is the old man on the Oklahoma State offensive line. He is the guy that offensive line coach Joe Wickline has chosen to move to center. Taylor says it is a better spot to answer questions.

"It makes me feel a lot different," said Taylor. "Last year I was in there and it was really different because I was the young pup and now I'm the one with all the experience and I'm the one helping guys out."

One is the Lonliest Number?
What's in a number? Well, according to quarterback Brandon Weeden, a lot. Weeden has changed to No. 3 now that fellow quarterback Alex Cate has left the team.

"I've just always been No. 3 in every sport I played," said Weeden. "I just like the number. When I came here (from pro baseball) I offered Cate $500 for it and he didn't need the money."

It was noticed junior college cornerback Malcolm Murray picked up jersy No. 1 and Gundy was asked if Murray requested it.

"I'm sure he asked, but jersey numbers go through Coach (Joe) DeForest unless it's recruiting and we have to promise number one to four different people then you promise it to four different people," said Gundy. "When they get here you tell them somebody else has it. Most of that was Coach DeForest."

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