One-on-One With Brandon Weeden

With spring break in process the Cowboys have completed one week of spring practice (three practices of 15). Observers, including new offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen, agree that the first week was very productive and that the Oklahoma State offensive transformation may be a little ahead of schedule. One of the most excited players over the new offense is junior quarterback Brandon Weeden.

Weeden seemed to feel good about the first week of practice and the 26-year-old former pitcher in the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Kansas City Royals organizations is the definite front runner to guide the Cowboys offense next season. With his arm and ability, he may very well work his way into a second stint in professional sports.

GP: Have you thought about what life will be like as the starting quarterback especially all the attention off the field?
Weeden: I saw a lot of that with Zac (Robinson) and we are real good buddies and we'll talk about stuff like that. I haven't really asked him about that. We went to Texas Roadhouse last night and he got bombarded. It's all part of the job, but all he has told me so far is to take what comes at you. You can't control everything, but do what you can to help the team win. I've been trying to do that in all the workouts and then lead by my actions.

GP: Zac was telling me that he thought you'd lost a little velocity on your passes.
Weeden: Alright, I'll remember that.

GP: No, he didn't say that.
Weeden: I'm still knocking the rust off. I haven't felt 100 percent out there and I'm still not going to until we get into some rhythm. We haven't thrown the ball around very much but as we get going it will feel a lot better.

GP: Coach Holgorsen complimented you on rallying the guys and getting a lot of work done as an offense before practice actually started.
Weeden: I appreciate that and that was kind of my thing to step up and be a little more vocal and take on that role. I've never taken on that role but being the quarterback I know everybody is looking at me. I'm just trying to help the guys around me relax and to get our work in. When you get into the winter workouts everybody is worried about keeping their legs and I'm one of those guys, but it's good to get out there and run around and throw routes. It feels good. I did what I could to try and make sure the guys around me are all on the same page.

GP: What do you think of the new offense now that you've run it in practice?
Weeden: The system is awesome. I really enjoy the system. We put in a third on Tuesday, another third on Wednesday, and the last third on Thursday. Coach said we will do it all again when we get back (from spring break). I thought it all went pretty well. We've missed a few times, but I think overall as a unit that we have functioned pretty well.

GP: How much better is this offense about involving more guys, more receivers?
Weeden: That's it, we've got four or more guys that can step up into that role and make plays, inside and outside. It is nice because you can use the entire field, and in this offense if they bring pressure then we've got answers for it. It is nice to have four or five guys that you can rely on. Guys like Isaiah (Anderson). He can really run and the system fits him perfectly. Get the ball in his hands in space and let him make plays. But he is not the only one. There are other guys like (Justin) Blackmon, Coop (Josh Cooper), and Colton (Chelf). This offense fits them perfectly and, like I said, we're excited about it and looking forward to the rest of the spring.

GP: Then there is the part of the offense that relies on the quarterback and receivers making reads off the defense together. Those are important in that they make it difficult for the defense, but also if the reads aren't the same the offnse can look bad. That's the concept, isn't it?
Weeden: That's exactly right. A simple thing like a hitch, we (quarterback and receiver) have to be on the same page. It comes with reps and with getting a good feel for each other. It's not like our old offense. It means shutting down the holes and pushing verticals and getting on the same page. If you are (on the same page), then this offense can really click.

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