Quotebook: James Anderson

Here are what his Oklahoma State teammates and coaches, and others, have had to say about James Anderson over the past four years.

Travis Ford in early March after Anderson was named Big 12 Player of the Year: "Nobody is more deserving than James Anderson because of the type of person he is and because of the type of player he is, and what he has meant to this very young basketball team. No one in America is depended on more on a basketball team than James Anderson is, period. Show me somebody and I would like to see it. But he's just a remarkable young man and a terrific basketball player."

Nebraska head coach Doc Sadler after Anderson scored 25 points against his team on March 6: "He's the best player in the league. He needs to do what is best for him. Whatever he decides, I'd be the first to congratulate him. If he wants to come back, then that's what he needs to do, and if he needs to leave, there's no question about him being able to play (in the NBA). It's just a matter of what he wants to do."

Colorado head coach Jeff Bzdelik, ex-Denver Nuggets head coach, after watching Anderson scored 26 against the Buffs on Jan. 20: "I see me watching him on TNT and ESPN (in the future). I do. He's a talented player who scores in a variety of ways and he has expanded his game and he plays with an edge."

Teammate Obi Muonelo after watching Anderson lead his team to an upset of No. 1-ranked Kansas on Feb. 27: "He's unbelievable. I don't care what anybody says, for a teammate he's had the best year I've ever seen anybody have. I don't think he's had an off night … every game he's just been unbelievable. Nobody deserves (to be conference Player of the Year) more in the Big 12."

Sean Sutton in December 2007 issue of Go Pokes Magazine: "He's going to be a big-time player; maybe one of the best players to ever play here if he doesn't get hurt. He's a really good basketball player. He's smart, he knows the game. He's a great scorer, and is capable of scoring from so many different places on the court. He's got a feel for how to play. He can pass the ball, drive it and finish it. If he doesn't get hurt, he could be one of the best players to ever play here."

Barry Gebhart, head basketball coach at Fayetteville (Ark.) High School, in January of 2007: "I told Sean (Sutton) that he had better keep recruiting two guards because he won't have this one for more than one or two years. I saw him three nights in our tournament, and he played against very good competition, and we've had some great players in the tournament and I'm not sure anybody has ever had a better tournament than he had. For those three games, if he plays like that all the time, he's the best player to come out of Arkansas in quite some time. I'd put him up there with (Ronnie) Brewer, Joe Johnson and Corliss Williamson. He's big time. He can compete at a national level against anybody in the country."

Joe Paul Hammett, who was Anderson's head basketball coach at Junction City High School, on May 22, 2006: "James is a special kid. He's the best basketball player I've coached in 20 years as a coach, but he's also the best person that I've had as a basketball player. In 20 years of coaching high school basketball he's by far the best I've ever had. He's one of a kind."

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