Spring Football Notebook

There were some good plays made in the secondary in Wednesday's scrimmage as head coach Mike Gundy mentioned the likes of safety Markelle Martin, new cornerback Malcolm Murray, and returning starter from the Cotton Bowl Brodrick Brown, who played a huge game against Ole Miss. In fact, it is that Cotton Bowl game that Brown has used to prepare himself to compete to be a starter this spring.

"That was a big tone-setter right there and I just have to continue to carry it over this spring, to the spring game, the summer and everything like that," said Brown. "I need to show I can play like that every play and every game."

Brown and sophomore-to-be Andrae May, who had his redshirt broken late in the season at Iowa State, are tops on the depth chart at corner, but Murray and early freshman enrollee Devin Hedgepeth out of Derby, Kan., are running second and pushing.

"We are all just working hard and trying to get comfortable and figure out the rotation and who is going to start," said Brown. "It is different with Perrish (Cox) and Terrance (Anderson) not out here."

Like Brown, Markelle Martin, who is the most experienced defensive back on the team in plays on the field, is using his past performance to take charge as a leader.

"I am but just working with these guys in the off season and through the spring, I feel confident in them and the coaches feel confident," said Martin. "They are young but they have the fresh legs and they have the mindset to be the best."

Martin said days like Wednesday's near 120-play scrimmage and going against the pass this much really help.

"It has made us a lot better. We see a lot of screens, short routes, have to make a lot of open field tackles, lot of man coverage," added Martin. "It has made us a lot better for teams we'll have to play throughout the year. It is run and gun out there and we get a little tired at times but it is working out and making us better."

Help Wanted at Defensive Tackle
It is no secret that like the secondary, defensive tackle is thin, razor thin and that was apparent Wednesday as recently moved tight end-to-defensive end Cooper Bassett played his second day and first scrimmage at defensive tackle.

"Actually, this was my first taste at d-tackle because I was moved from d-end to d-tackle at the beginning of the week for depth reasons," explained the 6-5, 260-pound Bassett. "This was my second day on the job and it didn't go too bad.

"Guys, veteran guys, are out there stepping up helping me out, showing me what to do. After time I will start getting better with that. I'm a little out of my element but whatever the team needs me to do, I'll do it.

"I love, admire and respect Coach (Bill) Young and he was actually my first offer and I have a real deep respect for me. He doesn't have to persuade me on anything. If he asks me than I'll do it."

"We're kind of thin in the d-tackle position, more than we have been," said Shane Jarka. "We are continuing to progress with Anthony (Rogers), Nigel (Nicholas), Chris (Donaldson) and myself. We have options with other guys too. We're a little bit thin but that is not going to stop us because Coach Young is going to put us in position to succeed."

You like honesty in coaches, and defensive coordinator Bill Young is when it comes to defensive tackle.

"Defensive tackle is a position that is a real concern for us right now," said Young. "Shane Jarka is doing a good job for us and we have a few guys but we need more so we can build a rotation there."

Cowboys Coaches Clinic Friday
The Cowboy coaching staff will host its annual coaches clinic Friday. The clinic, which is open to all coaches, costs $35 in advance and $40 at the door. Registration begins at 9 a.m. Friday.

Speakers include standout Oklahoma high school coaches like Glenpool head coach Steve Edwards and his defensive coordinator and Guthrie head coach Rafe Watkins and his defensive coordinator.

Also, two of the winningest coaches in Texas, Jim Streety of San Antonio Madison and David Aymond of Galena Park North Shore will be there along with coaches on their staffs.

Friday night the Oklahoma State coaches will conduct clinic sessions and be there to exchange ideas with the coaches in attendance. The clinic includes two meals, lunch and dinner, and a social following the evening clinic sessions.

For more information contact Johnny Barr in the Oklahoma State football office at (405) 744-5737.

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