One-on-One With Brandon Weeden

If you paid close attention to the comments after Wednesday's first major scrimmage of the spring then new Oklahoma State starting quarterback Brandon Weeden would have earned passing grades for his first serious go-round as the leader of the new spread attack.

The reviews from head coach Mike Gundy and offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen were just a little different, but both showed some satisfaction with the typical room for growth.

"I thought there were big plays on offense and I thought there were negative plays on offense, which is good for the defense," said Gundy.

"I thought Brandon Weeden was average. I thought he made a few good plays, which he has this spring. I thought he made some bad throws and that doesn't surprise me being in a new system for the first time with everything happening pretty fast."

Holgorsen said, "Brandon got better today and I thought he was a little cooler than he's been in the past. He handled some things that were thrown at him that he had problems with the first six practices.

"He's progressing. He's just a guy that needs a bunch of reps because he hadn't played football the last five years or so. He needs just to continue to take snaps and just get better."

There are the views of the coaches but as far as Weeden, in talking to him about his first major scrimmage as the starter, he's a hard grader on himself.

GP: As you look back on this scrimmage right after it, knowing you will watch tape, what really stood out good and what do you think about and feel that really needs to get better?
Weeden: The throw to Hubert (Anyiam) was good (for a long touchdown) and we were on the same page there. The throw to (Josh) Cooper on the touchdown in the end zone ... I just want, one thing is I want to get the ball out quicker. I think I'm on the right place. I'm making the right reads, doing the right things, I just need to get the ball out quicker. That is one thing getting reps in this offense it will come. You know our old offense it was you could kind of sit back and read half the field and then you can dump it down. Now it is one, two, three, and check it down. I'll get there. We're just eight practice in and I still have some rust and everybody is knocking rust off. We'll get there.

GP: Would you say the offense clicked about the way it should in practice eight?
Weeden: I would have liked it to have gone better, to be honest with you. You know personally I'm an overachiever and I want everything to go smooth. I knew it wasn't going to. I knew some bad things were going to happen, but I didn't feel as smooth as I would have liked for it to. I know it will eventually. I'm just going to watch the tape and not make the same mistake twice and get better.

GP: Coach Holgorsen did say you had a step forward day and that you got better.
Weeden: I feel like I did in some aspects and I'm going to be a perfectionist and I feel there are some things that I have to get better on. I need to be quicker and process things quicker. There were times I did some of that today. I feel like organizing and manuvering I felt like I was smooth. It's just my decision making and I need to get rid of the ball quicker. It's one of those things that it is never as good as you think it is and it is never as bad as you think it is. That is why I will watch the tape and make corrections on my own and try not to repeat them.

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