Recruiting: Thompson Admits OSU His Favorite

"I don't tell many people this but I grew up an Oklahoma State fan," said defensive tackle Micah Thompson of Jones, Okla., who made his way up to Stillwater with his coach at Jones High School Friday and saw the Cowboys scrimmage.

Thompson clarified that it's not that he is ashamed of being an Oklahoma State fan but like any high school prospect he doesn't want to discourage any suitors in recruiting. So far, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Kansas, and Tulsa have been sending Jones materials and showing recruiting interest, but he says it is the Cowboys that are showing the most interest.

"I'm looking for some place that is like a second home to me," said Thompson of what he is looking for. "My three favorites are OSU, Tulsa, and OU.

"I guess that tells you I want to stay close to home. I want a place where I feel comfortable. I don't know what I want to major in yet, but probably something in health. I'm not really sure when I will be ready to make my decision."

Thompson will have offers, I think you can count on that. The 6-5, 295-pound Thompson is athletic enough that he doubles as a tight end on offense for the Jones Longhorns. He has power with a 315-pound bench press that is likely more now. He has a 500-pound max in the squat. He has a 5.4 in the forty.

He also plays basketball along with football and throwing shot put and discus in track and field. Last season he played primarily as a one tech or head up nose guard on defense, but with a move to a four-man front this season his coach says he will play some three technique, so he will have a variety of experience to take with to the college level.

Last season Jones was double- and triple-teamed much of the time but he had two teammates combine for 10 interceptions and another two teammates combine for 12 sacks, all of which he greatly influenced while running up just modest numbers as his teammates flourished.

Jones said he really liked his trip to Stillwater on Friday as it was his second trip there after attending junior day in March.

"It was really pretty cool," said Thompson. "They showed me around the new locker room and I got to talk to the coaches, but I also got to talk to the players. You know we talked some about football but also about classes and what life is like on campus.

"It was a great visit."

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