One-on-One With Dana Holgorsen

Following the Orange-White spring scrimmage finale we spoke with new Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen.

GP: This was it, the final dress rehearsal of the spring in front of the fans. How did you think it went?
Holgorsen: For the most part it was pretty good. The big thing is we didn't want to treat this as just a game that we weren't going to get anything out of. We got somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 snaps that we can put into our cut-up lockers and learn from more than anything.

GP: You had told us that this offense needed to get the ball into a lot of hands. You look at it and the touchdowns were caught by five different players and a lot of different players touched and caught the ball.
Holgorsen: We played a lot of people and the closer we get to game time the more we are going to want to narrow that down a little bit and just get the ball into the hands of specifically some guys we know can do something with it. We haven't figured out just who those guys are. It is still part of a process finding the guys wee can count on. It will be decided some in the summer and in the fall.

GP: For the fans who sat up there and thought, "Hey, this offense might be further along than we thought." Is that a fair assessment?
Holgorsen: No! We are far from that. I wish you were right, but we are not there yet.

GP: How much can the summer matter for these guys as they do things on their own?
Holgorsen: It can either help us or it can hurt us. If we are doing what we need to out there, and go through what I call basically two more spring practices, one in the month of June and the other in the month of July on their ow, then we can progress. If we don't get out there and do it then everybody that we are going to play is going to pass us up. It is incredibly important and we should show improvement in camp, and if we don't it is really going to hurt us.

GP: I really thought the running backs might be on the backburner in this offense. I could not have been more wrong and I apologize for even thinking that.
Holgorsen: Other than Travis Miller (they all did good). Travis took a pretty good shot on that first play and that will be a good learning experience for us because (Justin) Horton just let the guy run right by him. The receivers number one job is to block and then they are supposed to run and catch and stuff like that. We want to get the ball in the running back's hands. Those guys are really talented. We know Kendall Hunter is. We know Travis Miller, and all the fans wanted to see what he could do because he has had such a good spring. Jeremy Smith stepped up and had a lot of good snaps out there.

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