Commentary: Late Night Costly For Perrish Cox

We are all a product of our decisions and there is no doubt that Perrish Cox is an All-American and immensely talented cornerback. At one time Cox was considered a strong bet to be a mid-to-late first-round NFL Draft choice, but Cox can count back to two nights in Dallas while the Cowboys were preparing for the Cotton Bowl, that has probably cost Cox not just thousands but millions of dollars.

The former Cowboy cornerback was eventually drafted in the fifth round (the 137th player overall) by the Denver Broncos on Saturday.

But Cox thought it was more important to break curfew with some teammates early in the week prior to the 2010 Cotton Bowl, and then after being punished and warned not to do it again Cox really killed his future earnings.

On New Year's Eve, two nights before the game, and after head coach Mike Gundy had softened the curfew, Cox was close to two hours late. The next day he made national news headlines and the ESPN crawl at the bottom of the screen as Gundy suspended him from playing in the Cotton Bowl against Mississippi, and sent him home.

That started a spiral that also included poor decisions in what he said to the media and to NFL teams, along with some lackluster performances in predraft work including the NFL Combine.

Cox has seemingly taken every bad step he could since that blown curfew in Dallas.

He was selected by the Broncos in the fifth round, and Cox will have a chance to make head coach Josh McDaniel's team. However, the big money has slipped away, and it will take a lot of hard work and achievement in order to gain that type of salary.

An NFL career is only so long and there are only so many years a player can earn a big salary. Perrish Cox has lost money that he can never get back. What a waste and what a shame.

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