Total $70 million given by Pickens

1951 Oklahoma A&M graduate T. Boone Pickens announced this morning that he is donating $20 million to Lewis Field renovations and also leaving $35 million in his will to fund scholarship programs.

A large monetary gift was presented to the Oklahoma State Athletic Department Thursday morning. The total potential of the donation given will reach $70 million -- the largest private donation ever given to the school by a private donor.

Oklahoma A&M graduate T. Boone Pickens gave the university $20 million to help finance renovations to Lewis Field. The trust is expected to generate an additional $15 million.

Groundbreaking ceremonies are still set to begin July 1 according to athletic department officials.

According to OSU Athletic Director Harry Birdwell, the donation ensures the north side of the stadium will be completed by the beginning of the 2004 football season.

Pickens also said he is setting $35 million in his will aside to fund scholarship programs for athletes.



That is the short version, with all the important info. Look for related stories tonight: Interviews with Regents, Birdwell, football players...etc.

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