Big 12 Realignment: What's In Store Friday?

As the sun sets Thursday on a very interesting day in college football, here is what we know heading into what could be another very interesting day on Friday.

Colorado is situated as the Buffaloes will now roam west in the Pac-10. The official press conference will be Friday but Colorado accepted publicly and the Pac-10 accepted publicly. The move was made in part because the Pac-10 has targeted the Buffs for a long time and Baylor was causing a ruckus in Texas as they tried to outmanuever Colorado for that spot.

Texas and Texas A&M officials met at a secret location in Texas and discussed two things.

One, was the possible rescue of the Big 12 and a slight chance that Nebraska might choose to stay in the Big 12 over accepting the invitation from the Big Ten. There is, or was, a belief in that meeting of convincing the Huskers staying around.

Two, the exit strategy for the remainder of the Big 12 schools that will head west to the expanded Pac-10. There were false rumors that Baylor and Texas Tech officials were also involved in that meetig but it was just Texas and Texas A&M. I can't say for any other schools but my sources confirmed Oklahoma State was well briefed on what was going on in that meeting in Texas.

There were many rumors Friday. Supposedly the meeting in Texas was at Gov. Rick Perry's office. Perry denied that and said he was not going to get involved and apparently neither is the Texas Legislature.

There was the crazy report out of Kansas City that Texas and Texas A&M petitioned for membership in the Big Ten and Oklahoma was looking at the SEC and a partner to go with them. That is crazy, as the Longhorns and Aggies have no desire to go to the SEC for a variety of reasons including everything from academics to opening the recruiting door wide open to the SEC.

The Oklahoma rumor conveniently included the Sooners need for a partner as Kansas or Missouri would love to volunteer as neither has anywhere to go right now.

TMZ had Oklahoma State accepting a Pac-10 invitation shortly after Colorado did, but Oklahoma State officials quickly put the squash on that. Nobody wants to upset the new landlords.

We confirmed that Oklahoma State President Burns Hargis and University of Oklahoma President David Boren spent time either meeting or on the phone together. The main subject was conference expansion as apparently like Texas they were making sure they were on the same page.

Nobody is giving details but the word from several sources, both inside and outside the Oklahoma State athletic department, is that the Cowboys are poised and ready to join the expanded Pac-10 with the same other five schools that have always been projected to go -- Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Colorado. Colorado is now in, so when will it be the Cowboys time to check in?

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