Norton Looking For Offer From Miami (Fla.)

Defensive tackle Isiah Norton of Dallas (Kimball), Texas, told me Tuesday night that he is still waiting for an offer from Miami (Fla.). It has been a busy summer for Norton and he admitted that he has shaved his list of schools but wants Miami to be included.

"I've been waiting for them to offer me," said the 6-6, 307-pound Norton of Miami. "That is the school that I grew up rooting for.

"It has been a busy summer. I've been going to camps and working out. I went to camps at Baylor, OU, the Nike camp in Duncanville at Cedar Hill High School, and the Under Armour camp. I think I may make my commitment at the Under Armour game. Other than the camps I've been working out for football and for basketball."

The workout thing is serious as Norton reported that he has bumped his bench press up to 395 pounds and his squat is up to 720 pounds. That's right, 720 pounds.

"I feel like I have done nothing but work on my legs," said Norton.

As for the recruiting. I told Norton that since I had talked to him last and recently I had read he had cut his favorites down. Obviously, Miami will be on it, if and when they offer. How about the others? "Nebraska, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech," answered Norton.

What about Oklahoma State?"Oklahoma State, they have have offered to, there have been a bunch of schools," added Norton. "Nah, they aren't really up there."

I then asked Norton about Dez Bryant and his relationship there. "He came up there to the gym," said Norton. "He's up there for basketball when I am there for practice and he is trying to take me on. He comes up there and we shoot around and he talks to me. He tells me to stay on the good path. He's never really pushed schools or Oklahoma State. I know he is proud of them, but he just told me to stay good and make sure I don't make mistakes that could hurt me."

The really amazing thing that I found out about Norton is his college major and how he came about deciding on that.

"I'm looking for a school with good character and a good music program," said Norton, who has more than 20 offers including some for basketball. "I'm going to major in music. I play all the instruments, piano, guitar, drums, and all kinds of instruments. I have them at my house. I was in the band all the way up until 10th grade and played instruments in the band."

Last season Norton only played in three games and had 35 tackles, two sacks, and nine tackles for loss. The reason he played in only three games was that he and his Kimball teammates got into a fight and Norton and 18 other Kimball Knight players were suspended for the rest of the season.

Norton is looking to stay on the field in 2010 and he is still looking for an offer from Miami.

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