One-on-One With Lyndell Johnson

Oklahoma State currently stands at 14 commitments and that represents more pledges at this stage than they have ever had before. In fact, a quick analysis of the recruiting classes dating back to 2006 is kind of interesting and is featured below before the interview with Lyndell Johnson, the Cowboys latest commitment Plano (East), Texas safety and future Oklahoma State "star" linebacker.

We caught up with Johnson the other day and posted a story on the site but earlier today (Wednesday) I interviewed Johnson on my radio show and you have a chance to read the transcript from that interview.

Johnson immediately becomes another strong commitment in the developing 2011 Oklahoma State football recruiting class that Scout now ranks 12th in the nation and third in both the Big 12 and the Midlands. Johnson is 6-4, 197 pounds, and very quick and athletic.

Quick Oklahoma State Recruiting Analysis
2011 Recruiting Class - 14 commitments as of July 14, 2010
2010 Recruiting Class - 10 commitments as of July 14, 2009 (there were 20 by kickoff of the season opener vs. Georgia in September)
2009 Recruiting Class - 4 commitments as of July 14, 2008 (17 members are still active in the program)
2008 Recruiting Class - 8 commitments as of July 14, 2007 (17 members are still active in the program)
2007 Recruiting Class - 8 commitments as of July 14, 2006 (11 members are still active in the program)
2006 Recruiting Class - 9 commitments as of July 14, 2005 (four members are still active in the program)

Interview with Lyndell Johnson
Robert Allen: Oklahoma State fans were real excited about your commitment and excited that you liked your unofficial visit to Stillwater so much last weekend.
Johnson: Oh yeah, I loved it. I had been wanting to get up there for awhile and my dad finally had a chance to get off work and we were able to get up there. We finally made it happen this past weekend. It is close to home and I loved it. It is not that far of a drive and we got up there and talked to Coach (Glenn) Spencer and Coach (Jason) Jones. We had a nice little day together.

RA: I was listening to an interview on Scout last night that Greg Powers did with Herschel Sims, the Abilene running back, at the Texas 7-on-7 championships. He was talking about Denton Guyer quarterback J. W. Walsh and the recruiting class and even threw out the words national championship. You have to be careful about those words, but this class with those two guys and you, Travis Cross, the offensive lineman from across town from you, is pretty special. Does that impact you in your thinking the number and quality of guys in this recruiting class?
Johnson: Oh yeah, I've talked to (Travis) Cross the past two days, he and J.W. I thought the exact same thing and know we are just working on my cousin, Desmond Roland from Lake Highlands, and try to get him to go ahead and commit so we can make this thing happen. I feel the same way that here in the next two or three years Oklahoma State is going to make something happen that is going to be pretty special, for us and the organization.

RA: Fans that watch this process are curious. You know a lot of these guys, the top players and do you talk among each other a lot and does it carry a lot of weight in decisions?
Johnson: Yes sir, yes sir.

RA: You just mentioned Desmond Roland. He came with to you Stillwater this past weekend, right?
Johnson: He came up with me and my dad. Desmond had been up for a junior day and he had said he really liked it. For him that was his second time to see everything and for me it was all brand new. It was his second trip and basically he is just waiting, well, he says he is almost ready. There is something that is holding him back a little. We are waiting on him to commit so we can put this thing together.

RA: I'm from Texas and I was so happy just to get my name mentioned in my school's story in Texas Football magazine. You are there with your picture as one of the Texas Football magazine All Super Team Defensive selections. That is pretty big time for an old school guy. How did you feel about it?
Johnson: It was a special feeling and my coach, Coach (Johnny) Ringo gave me a call and said, 'you made first team Super Team.' I said, 'for real.' He said, 'you need to go get the magazine.' He told me that was speical because the magazine only comes out once a year and that is real special to me. For me to know that I'm in that magazine and that I have been doing a good job up to this point makes me feel great. I need to do my best to keep doing the samethings that I have been doing. Stay humble and just keep getting better.

RA: How good will Plano East be this season?
Johnson: All I know is that we are going to go further this year than we did last year, and we went two deep in the playoffs last season. We will do better than we did last year.

RA: Good luck and congratulations and thanks for the time.
Johnson: All right, thanks.

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