Recruiting: Walsh On Nike 7On

J.W. Walsh, the Denton (Guyer), Texas standout quarterback and Oklahoma State 2011 recruiting class commitment, was a guest on my radio show Thursday to talk about his trip with his teammates to Beaverton, Ore., and the Nike World Headquarters and Campus for the Nike 7On competition, one of the top 7-on-7 football events in the nation.

Walsh and his 20 teammates that made the trip beat teams from Orlando, Fla.; Gardena, Calf.; and Cleveland, Ohio in route to the championship game. In the title tilt they lost to defending champion Miami Northwest 44-to-42 in triple overtime. In that game Walsh threw for six touchdowns, and along with two of his teammates, earned a spot on the all tournament team.

Here are a few of the questions and answers from the interview.

RA: I'm guessing this was a great experience for you and your teammates. That is a long way to go for some 7-on-7, isn't it?
Walsh: It is the farthest that we have ever traveled. It was definitely a bonding experience for us. We left Denton a close group but we came back even closer. There are guys on this team that I hardly ever talk to off the football field and now we come back and we are hanging out together. It is funny how things work that way, but that was a great bonding experience.

RA: Before we discuss the competition, what was it like being at the headquarters for Nike?
Walsh: It was unbelievable, everything there was impressive. What impressed me the most about it was how classy it was and while we were there we were treated with such respect. Even though we are just kids and they didn't mess around with us. Everything was high class. There are different buildings and there was one dedicated to Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan had his own building, and Tiger Woods has his own building. It was all dedicated to how Nike has been brought up through all these athletes and what they've promoted for Nike and how Nike and their products have helped them perform. Nike has been around quite a while. You know they had the fields where we played and then a lounge that backed up to it. When you weren't playing you could hang out in the lounge. In the lounge they had all the new cleats and the new Nike combat uniforms and the helmets. They had what all the college teams are going to be wearing next year. They had them on display. We got on the field and we walked out on it and we thought it was turf but we didn't know where the rubber was and then they told us it was grass. That field was the nicest grass field we've ever walked on.

RA: You guys were unbeaten against some good competition.
Walsh: We felt really good and we were pumped up to get to the championship game but I have to give a lot of respect to those teams. In Texas I just thought Texas was the state for football. After going up there I have to give a lot of respect to a lot of people because there were a lot of high quality athletes we played against that can really play football. Before we went up there we looked at all the teams and who they had, the defensive and offensive weapons. You find out in hurry that they all have a lot of players.

RA: Talk about the championship game.
Walsh: It was a crazy game, a lot of fun. What is funny about it is they beat us by two points and you talk about how close we were to being champions. When we missed our two points conversion, we actually caught it and were stopped just two inches from the goal line. We were real close to going to another overtime. Going in, I felt for us to be successful that I had to perform and I felt good about the way I threw the ball and helped the team, but I am not taking any extra credit. All I did was throw the ball and the guys catching it, they were incredible. In the championship game we had guys cramping up and we had guys coming off the bench that really stepped it up and made plays to help us.

RA: Congratulations and good luck with the rest of the summer and this coming fall.
Walsh: Thanks, anytime.

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