Big 12 Media Days: Texas Tech

DALLAS - New Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville became the first Big 12 head coach to bnring two quarterbacks to media day, and as it was pointed out by one of those quarterbacks Steven Sheffield, who told us he is completely healthy from the leg injury and is 100 percent, there will be just one starting quarterback for the Red Raiders opener with SMU.

"Coach (Neal) Brown has told us there will be one starting quarterback," said Sheffield. "He said it might come the first week or it might come the week before the SMU game, but there will not be rotating quarterbacks. It will be one guy.

"To start with, one guy will get 60 percent of the reps in practice and the other guy will get 40 percent. The next day we will flip flop. I like the competition.

"Taylor (Potts) and I are not best friends but we are not jealous or angry at each other. It is professional, and that's the way it should be and we will have a great quarterback for the start of the season. A quarterback made better by the competition."

Defensive tackle Colby Whitlock out of Noble, Okla., is a senior and will man the nose position in Tech's new 3-4 base defense. He has made a habit of really playing well against his old state's schools in OSU and OU. He said he is looking forward to going one more time against each of those schools this season. He also likes the new regime with Tuberville.

"We know when we come over to the fieldhouse every day that there will be a schedule and we will know what we are doing at every time," said Whitlock. "That is a big change and I think the players like it. We know the defense gets a little more attention because defense is really important to Coach Tuberville."

Tuberville told the Big 12 media a lot has changed in turning the Red Raiders over to his ways.

"Yeah, you have to get your philosophy over, as I said," said Tuberville on Tuesday. "If you don't sell that to your team and your fans, then you're going to have problems. You've got to let them know up front how you're going to handle things. Everybody's philosophy is a little bit different.

"I'm excited about having an offense with the players that we have. We're going to be exciting. We'll change it to some degree. We'll put our stamp on it but we're going to throw the ball around. We're going to throw it deep, and we're going to be very fast. We're going to be different, but, again, we're going to be explosive. We'll run the ball a little bit more. That will be the difference.

"Defensively, we want our defense to take a step up. We want to let them know that they're part of the team. For us to win a championship, they have to be accountable. The one thing I noticed about our defense is they didn't have a lot of confidence. You know, wasn't a lot of talk about them. If it was, it was about not playing very well, no credit on that side. I think they played pretty well last year. A lot of games they played well.

"For some reason, everything was focused on offense. I'm a team player. I wanted the players to know pretty quick this is going to be about team. It's not going to be about special teams or defense or offense. It's going to be about team. Everybody is going to play their part, play their role, and get the job done."

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