A Tribute to Bob Fenimore

Someone wrote earlier today that we "didn't lose a Cowboy, we lost the Cowboy." I agree wholeheartedly, but the first person to disagree would be Mr. Fenimore. I first met Bob Fenimore when I was a youngster and would make summer sojourns to Stillwater. He was a hero to a young boy that absolutely loved anything orange, anything Cowboys and anything football. Bob Fenimore combined them all.

Then I met the man in person and I thought this is the nicest, most gentlemanly individual I had ever met. In deed, in history and record books, up on the screen, or in a painting Bob Fenimore was larger than life. In person, he was as humble, reserved, and kind as any man you would ever want to meet.

Bob Fenimore showed us all how a real football star and a real legend of Oklahoma A&M and Oklahoma State University should carry himself and act.

I know from conversations with Mr. Fenimore how lucky and blessed he felt to have a great school behind him, great teammates such as his good friend and fellow All-American Neill Armstrong along side, and a beautiful, gracious wife and loving family full of children and grandchildren to share his life with. The records stand alone but the man stands with so many others that he loved being around in his life.

Finally, it is a far cry from two-time All-American, finishing third in the Heisman Trophy voting behind the greats Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis, and the assorted 60 or so records he set.

I can tell you that Zach Allen was so proud to have had the opportunity to wear No. 55, the same number of Fenimore, during his Cowboy playing career. A life-long Oklahoma State fan, for Zach it was special to share that with a man he looked up to and had the chance to meet on several occasions.

If any former Oklahoma State player should have his jersey retired it is Bob Fenimore. But knowing the joy that Zach had and not wanting to deprive that from some other young player that might think that was special or just loved that number would have him saying, "Don't do that, no reason to retire it. Let the boys wear it. It makes me proud to see it."

Bob Fenimore is now there where God can share the glory in having another All-American son join him.

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