Gundy Monitoring Blatnick, Johnson Situations

STILLWATER - The office of Payne County District Attorney Rob Hudson charged Oklahoma State defensive end Jamie Blatnick on Monday with felony assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and former Oklahoma State offensive guard Stephen Denning with misdemeanor obstruction as the result of a fight on Saturday night/Sunday morning inside a Washington Street strip establishment.

Blatnick, a junior, allegedly hit Denning in the face with a beer bottle. Police patroling on foot on Washington Street became aware of the altercation and intervened pulling the parties out of the establishment and outside.

It was at that time that they noticed Denning was bleeding profusely from the face. It was also near that time that Denning seeing Blatnick tried to force his way past the officers to get back at Blatnick and had to be subdued with an electronic crowd control device (taser).

Denning was taken to Stillwater Medical Center for treatment and both parties were booked into the Payne County Jail.

Sources confirmed Monday that Blatnick and Denning, former teammates on the 2007 and 2008 Oklahoma State teams, had made amends with each other and were hoping that neither would face charges. Because of the arrests and the fact that the law enforcement community is now involved that likely makes that impossible.

It is probable though that because neither has been in trouble before that Blatnick's charge could end up being misdemeanor assault and that Denning's charge could be pled down as well.

All of that will be pending action following further investigation by the Stillwater Police and the Payne County District Attorney's Office. Blatnick has retained Stillwater attorney Willie Baker as his counsel.

Beyond the scope of the legal community, there is the possible punishment coming from Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy. Gundy issued a statement Monday afternoon on the situation through associate athletic director and sports information director Kevin Klintworth.

"We continue to monitor and evaluate a couple of ongoing situations within our program," said Gundy. "We take each case individually and seriously. We feel like we are close to a resolution on one front and are still gathering information on another."

The other situation Gundy refers to is the arrest just a week ago of junior safety Victor Johnson. Johnson, who earlier in June had an arrest on a DUI, was arrested by OSU police on a charge of possession (marijuana) following a report of a suspicious smell coming from a dorm apartment.

Our sources confirmed that Johnson took a drug test the following day and passed. Those have been the only run-ins with authorities involving OSU football players over the summer. It really amounts to a shame as the summer was mostly incident free with the football program.

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