One-on-One With Bill Young

Some thoughts from Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Bill Young on the eve of the start of fall camp for 2010.

GP: Will it be good to get back out there and see those players again?
Young: No question. We are really excited about the way things are looking. We're ready to go.

GP: I was able to go watch some of the summer metabolic practices and the defensive line looked to be putting in a lot of work.
Young: I hope so. You know, visiting with Shane Jarka, Ugo Chinasa and Jamie Blatnick they say there has really been a lot of work being done and we are getting better.

GP: One of the guys that seemed to put a lot of work in and completely buy in again to the strength program was Cooper Bassett. Will you take a good look at him on the defensive line?
Young: Without question, we are going to try and find a role for him to play in our defense. We think that will be at defensive end and also being a nose tackle in our speed package when we get into a pass rush mode.

GP: I would imagine that defensive tackle and depth there is still at the top of the concerns.
Young: We need a little bit of help at one of the tackle positions. We have three players (Jarka, Chris Donaldson and Nigel Nicholas) that have been in a lot of ball games and played a lot of plays, but that other position we need to find at least another person to fill that role.

GP: There are a lot of talented freshmen like linebacker Shaun Lewis, cornerback Justin Gilbert and safety Zach Craig. How quickly will you start looking to see what freshmen might be able to help?
Young: Well we need to open it up there at the beginning of camp and find out who can fit into the two deep. Our whole goal at the start is to find our best 11 and then come back and find our next best 11. Like you mentioned, we weren't able to go to the metabolic workouts and so we haven't seen any of the freshmen except for the two that were in spring practice.

GP: What else do you need to jump onto quickly in practice?
Young: I think we have to come up with our speed package and find out who is going to be our star linebacker and who is going to be the backup star. We lost Andre Sexton at that position, so we have to get that filled up. Then the next thing is to get our defenses established and try to stay as healthy as we can. Depth will be a huge factor for us this season.

GP: People think you have so many players, but honestly it can thin out in a hurry.
Young: We barely have a two deep anymore with the limitation on the scholarships. We graduated eight or nine guys that played a lot of football for us last fall. We move the twos up to the ones and now the twos are really inexperienced and we have to get them ready.

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