One-on-One With Dana Holgorsen

On the eve of the start of fall camp for the 2010 season here is a Q&A with Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen. Holgorsen will be in his first fall camp at OSU leading into his first season of introducing his brand of attack to Cowboys fans.

GP: What are you most looking forward to see out of your players on Friday when practice starts?
Holgorsen: Hopefully retention. The last time we were able to meet with these guys and have any kind of organized activities with them was the spring game. They've been out there on their own this summer. You've been out there watching more than anybody. Are they getting good work? I don't know. We start practicing and we'll see if they retained any of this stuff from the spring. That is number one, and then just identify what we need to get better at and work the heck out of it.

GP: Brandon Weeden was among the first to arrive at the west end zone every day this summer and one of the last to leave. You have to be happy with his work ethic over the summer.
Holgorsen: I'm happy with where he is at right now, I think. The atitude and effort for sure. You know it is the same thing in that he has never taken a snap (in a game) in this offense. We have to get out there and get right with the receivers. He is going to make mistakes and we have to get those mistakes corrected. He is going to learn from his successes. It is still going to be a bit of a process here for the next year.

GP: What has been your experience in the past with freshmen and how fast they can learn your offense and how quickly they might factor in for playing time?
Holgorsen: It is really hard up front and for O-line we're not counting on any of those guys. It has happened one time in my last 10 years. Skill kids you can and the place (Houston) I was at the last two years we had the freshman of the year in the conference both years and those were running backs. Two years ago we started three freshmen, but two of those were redshirt. Skill positions you can do it if you can soak it up. You can learn what to do and if you have the ability to do it then we'll throw you out there. We've got about four freshmen that we really need to take a look at. Based on our depth issues we're going to get them out there and see if they can help us. {Editor's note: We believe those freshmen are Chris Dinkins, Kevin Johnson, Joe Randle and Nate Sorenson.}

GP: The practices scheduled to start, for the most part at eight or 8:30 in the morning. Does that bother you and are you a morning person?
Holgorsen: No, but I understand why we are doing it. I've never done it that way so it is going to be a new experience for me.

GP: It probably doesn't surprise you that Kendall Hunter was one of the hardest workers this summer.
Holgorsen: He looks good now. Just based on the reps he had in the spring, he is as good as anybody that I have been around. Typically, if you have somebody that can score, you give it to him a bunch and I think we plan on giving him the ball a bunch.

GP: What do you think about Johnny Deaton at this point and how he fits in at the QB position?
Holgorsen: He progressed a lot because when he first came in during the spring he was a little overwhelmed. We practiced him for the first couple of days and it was too much for him, so we had him watch for the next couple of weeks and then by the end he really came back and did a good job for us. How much he has done this summer, I don't know yet. Hopefully he continued to learn this summer and I know he got a bunch of reps but whether he learned from those reps I don't know. He is number two but that could change. He is in line to be the number two guy right now.

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