Cowboy Football Notebook

Junior defensive end Jamie Blatnick and junior safety Victor Johnson were both suited up and went through limited portions of the first practice on Friday.

It was reported that they spent most of the practice with coordinator for strength and conditioning Rob Glass as they were put through paces on the Stairmaster machine.

Blatnick was charged with felony assault and battery with a dangerous weapon following an incident involving former OSU offensive guard Steve Denning last weekend.

Johnson was pulled over on a DUI charge in June and then charged with misdemeanor obstruction and possession (marijuana) in July. A possible mitigating condition of that last incident was that Johnson reportedly took and passed a drug test the next morning.

Either way, head coach Mike Gundy updated the situation on the two and said that would stand until there was a change in the situation.

"They are with us mentally but not physically," said Gundy. "They are on their own program and will be for awhile. I will notify everybody when they are back in practice that way we don't have to bring it up everyday. It will be awhile before they are back with us.

"They brought embarrassment to our university and the our football program. They are very remorseful, but they have a price to pay before they are back with us. I have always said to play and to coach here at Oklahoma State is a privilege and it can be taken away at any time."

Baseball Club Doubles
Brandon Weeden, who was drafted in the second round of the 2002 MLB Draft by the New York Yankees and spent five years in the minor leagues, is trying to become another success story in the pro baseball back to college football path.

Vernand Morency did it earlier this decade at Oklahoma State. Weeden got off to a good start with two strong performances off the bench last season against Grambling and in picking up the win against Colorado.

Now here comes another former minor leaguer in Tyler Johnson of Haskell, Okla. Johnson was a 12th-round pick of the Angels in the 2004 MLB Draft and has spent six years in the Angels system. The 6-3, 220-pound linebacker was an All-State player in high school and has a fairly famous football cousin in former NFL back and All-American Le Shon Johnson, who played for the Grren Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals, and after beating Lymphoma cancer, the New York Giants.

"I got to meet him yesterday and we had a chance to visit for a little bit," said Weeden of Johnson. "He is a big man and I'm sure we'll have some time to bond here in the next few weeks and tell some stories.

"He played in the same league I did my last year in pro ball. I think his baseball days will help him with this. He is coming out of it and baseball is a game of failures, so that will help him because football is different. It's kind of good to have another old guy on board and maybe you guys will quit calling me the old man."

Baked Instead of Fried
There are a number of Cowboy players that have changed physically, from guys that have gotten bigger, added muscle mass, to those that have trimmed up.

Wide receiver Tracy Moore, who caught 11 passes for 183 yards and three touchdowns last season as a freshman, has done both. He lost some extra around the middle and has added it back in other areas that make him one of the more impressive physical specimans on the team. Moore is flat out cut with a six pack of abs to show for it. He said he feels better and feels faster on the field. He did it in the weight room but also at meal time.

"Starting at the beginning of the spring I went through a complete diet change," said Moore. "It was really easy because what I did was trade out bad food for more good food. Doing that plus drinking a lot of water helped me lose a lot of weight. I would change fried chicken for baked chicken and white rice for brown rice."

He still weighs 220 pounds but it is a well placed, lean and muscular 220 pounds.

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