Cowboy Practice Report: Day 2

STILLWATER - Saturday was the second day of fall camp for the Oklahoma State Cowboys and on the surface it looked similar to the first day. The practice schedule was similar and with another morning workout the team was able to put in their near two and a half hours of work in under almost ideal August conditions.

It was beginning to get a little steamy toward the end of practice at 11 a.m.

The emphasis on special teams was with punt and punt return. Meanwhile, in helmets, shorts, and jerseys the overall emphasis was on teaching and there was lots of work on the offense against the defense in one-on-one, seven-on-seven, and some team work

An emphasis has to be maintained in this offense on the pitch and the catch. The pitch in throws by Brandon Weeden and the younger quarterbacks and the catch by the OSU receiver corps. That will need to steadily improve. Eyeballing the progress on day two were an additional 50-some odd observers dressed in OSU football garb as the first class in Cowboy Extreme Camp.

Cowboy Extreme Camp was invented by head coach Mike Gundy as a male answer to Football 101 for Women and is run by Oklahoma State director of recruiting Johnny Barr. The two-and-a-half day event gives the participants total access to the first several days of fall camp for the Oklahoma State football program. They do everything but go out and sweat on the practice field.

After the option of watching the first practice on Friday, the campers checked in and were welcomed by Gundy, athletic director Mike Holder, and Barr. Then there was an introduction to each of the new freshmen players, the opportunity to attend meetings and walk-throughs, dinner with the team at the training table, and a social.

Saturday, it wake up was bright and early with breakfast, team and special teams meetings, position meetings, practice, lunch, sessions with the coaches and Big 12 football official Richard Brown, group picture, more meetings, dinner, and a social.

The event will close Sunday with breakfast, more meetings, practice, and a closing session with Mike Gundy.

Cowboys football is a powerful lure and drew a wide variety of professionals ranging from former OSU Board of Regents member Austin Kenyon to local banker Scott Jones, former Big Eight football official Kent Houck, and Eskimo Joe's executive Robert Williams. Also, Jeff Medders is a television executive that took time out of his busy schedule to attend. Chad Clay's company out of Houston is the most influential operation hired by BP in cleaning up the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but the super Cowboys fan made it, albeit a little late.

All of the participants in Extreme Camp came from Oklahoma and Texas except for Jon Landers, a loyal Cowboys fan that came from Edl Grove, California.

Earlier in the day on our Go Pokes Premium Board there was this post from OSUVictor, another Extreme Camp participant. "OSU Extreme Camp is awesome," reads the post. "Unreal the access and generousity. Proud to be a Cowboy."

It is the access given the participants, the opportunity to meet and converse with coaches and players face to face in a relaxed atmosphere, to dine on the best training table in college athletics, and the access to meetings that makes the eventg unforgettable.

"We were in the meetings last night with the corners and the safeties and listening to Coach (Joe) DeForest go over what the players did right and wrong," said Extreme Camp participant Bud O. Perry, of Fort Gibson, Okla.

"You see what the coaches are doing and understand what they are teaching and sometimes how complex it is for the players. It is great to see how the coaches work. Also, that these are great kids. I'm impressed with the players on and off the field."

Russ Harrison of Norman was seen enjoying himself right there on the edge of the field during the team session getting a first hand look at how the Cowboys are working. Dan Wittwer of Stillwater was doing the same.

It was not unusual to see Gundy coming over to groups of campers during practice and comparing notes on what they are seeing. Gundy has even asked a few if they have any plays they would like to see run or they would recommend. By the way, using those suggestions is not guaranteed with the program.

After getting a chance to meet each freshmen on Friday, the Extreme campers were all willing to share their favorites already on the field. Newcomers like wide receiver Chris Dinkins and running back Joseph Randle have impressed, but they have impressed the coaches as well. On defense, the likes of speedster cornerback Justin Gilbert and linebackers Shaun Lewis and Joe Mitchell along with safety Zach Craig have stood out and all are getting lots of reps.

The fascination is not limited to the new guys as Brandon Weeden is an Extreme Camp favorite as he is off to a quick start in fall practice.

The meetings are by far the favorites so far of the campers. Johnny Barr seems happy with the event and is going to survey this year's campers for ideas on how to improve the experience, but so far it seems to be a big hit.

Practice seemed sharper on Saturday as it should have been. Maybe the best thing is nobody has seemed to need any medical attention.

The shoulder pads are added to the early and only practice on Sunday at 9 a.m. Following that the players have Fan Appreciation Day in Gallagher-Iba Arena at 2 p.m. You can go to for more on that event. The players and coaches also meet with the media for media day following the fan appreciation time.

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