Hoops Recruiting: OSU In On Top 100 Prospect

Oklahoma State is hoping to get an official visit this fall from a player who was one of the summer's top performers and shot up the Class of 2011 player rankings in the process. Find out which prospect we're talking about and what the Cowboys' chances are in this interview with his summer league coach.

Head coach Travis Ford and his staff has been keeping an eye on D'Angelo Harrison for several years and really liked what they saw during the month of July from the 6-3, 180-pound shooting guard from Fort Bend (Dulles), Texas.

"He had a great summer. I don't know if he blew up but it would be safe to say that the opportunity he got he was able to be consistent and play competitively night in and night out," said Terrul Henderson, coach of Harrison's Franchize All-Stars team.

Henderson said that the Dulles High School senior-to-be scored 40 or more points in 20-plus games throughout the summer, and had approximately 30 games in which he scored 30 or more in a half. "He had some really, really good nights where the basket got really big for him."

"Guys are either going to use those opportunities to grow and mature or they are going to go through the process of continuing to learn how to grow and mature. He used it as an opportunity to grow and mature.

"He's a hard worker who is not going to miss an individual workout. It's one of those deals where things came together for him and he was able to use his ability within what we were trying to do, and he was able to develop some consistency there, and the game slowed down for him which gave him a lot of success," Henderson added.

Harrison, a four-star recruit who is ranked as the 61st-best overall prospect in the Class of 2011, has received scholarship offers from nearly 50 schools, but on Friday narrowed it down to nine finalists, Henderson said.

"We met as a family yesterday and cut the list down to nine (schools), and Oklahoma State is one of those nine," Henderson said.

However, he did not want to reveal the other finalists. "I'm not looking at (the list) but I think we're going to do something in the next few days to release that to the public. I can tell you that Oklahoma State is there. He likes the staff, he likes their style of play … they made the short list."

The Dulles High School standout averaged 20.8 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.2 assists while shooting 49.5 percent from the field, 39.5 percent from three-point range, and 79.2 percent from the free-throw line in leading his team to a 30-7 record as a junior, and he likes what he sees at Oklahoma State.

"Anytime you've got a kid that can score the ball in your system and likes playing fast and putting it up, that's always a good fit. Their style of play is definitely intriguing, they've got a well-rounded staff, and they've been successful in that league. The Big 12 is one of the top five conferences in the country."

Harrison's game improved because he was able to begin creating his own shots this summer while often having to rely on his outside shot in the past.

"He has the ability to use his body when he handles the ball to credit space, as well as having the speed and quickness to elude the defenders. Along with being able to shoot the ball from four to five feet from behind the (three-point) line, now when you apply pressure he can get you off balance, get his shoulder down and get his body in between the defender and the ball and create space with a level of consistency that he hasn't in the past.

"He's always been able to shoot the ball really well, and now he's been able to develop the strength to create separation off the handle which changes the game. Now he's able to handle the ball, and when people pressure him and are reaching and slapping, he can use his body and shoulder, and once he gets his shoulder down it allows him to create space to get his shot off, which is hard to defend without fouling him," Henderson said.

Henderson said that no official visits have been scheduled for this fall. "We don't have anything finite. We just talked a little bit yesterday and came up with a short list of nine schools. I don't necessarily think you have to narrow it down to five (to visit), you just have to go through the process with each one –staffing, futureof the staff, how long are they going to be there, following their recruiting.

"There are so many variables in there because now you're talking about a kid who's not just going there to see if he's going to fit in the program but if he can be a kid who can get things done at the highest level against some of the best competition on paper in the country. Now you're talking about him going in there and impacting the game," said Henderson

"I'm sure we'll take some visits but it's been a long grueling month (of July). You're talking (about our team) going from Indianapolis to Chicago to Milwaukee and playing over 20 games. You're talking about that, and recruiting, and media. Now it's only Aug. 7, and he just finished playing on July 31, so we've told him to take some time to let you mind and your body heal, and getting settled and not having all the pressure and anxiety of having to go out there to perform.

"We sat down yesterday and had a talk. How you doing? How you feeling? How's recruiting going? So, let's try to trim this thing down and see what you're comfortable with and he was able to come up with nine schools, and like I said out of those nine schools, Oklahoma State is one of them."

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