Cowboy Football Notebook

Inside receivers coach Doug Meacham has a handle on the depth chart so far at the inside receiver position with the slim, trim, and likely improved Tracy Moore at the Y position with Justin Horton as his backup, and then Josh Cooper is at the H position.

Cooper's backup will more than likely be Michael Harrison or Bo Bowling.

"We have some other kids too," said Meacham. "Charlie Moore at Y is a guy and Anthony Hill at H is another pretty solid guy. We're three-deep at those two positions."

Special Teams Rundown
Joe DeForest doubles up on the Oklahoma State staff. In fact, with is role as associate head coach, he triples up. DeForest coaches the safeties on defense and also coordinates the Cowboys special teams.

The dual role is helping as DeForest fully understands the juggling he needs to do with starters and limiting their work on special teams.

Fullback Bryant Ward, because he is used sparingly on offense, can work on every special teams unit and does. But safety Markelle Martin has to play a lot of snaps and needs to be limited on his special team involvement. DeForest does a good job of balancing. He also feels great about his specialists.

"I feel great about our specialists," emphasized DeForest. "Dan Bailey and Quinn Sharp are both returning at kicker and punter. We've got our snapper, our holder, our kicker and our punter all back, so that's a nice relief.

"Quinn's got one of the strongest legs in the country and Dan is the all-time school leader in consecutive PATs made. I don't think anybody really recognizes Dan for being as consistent as he has been for us."

With Dez Bryant in Dallas, Perrish Cox in Denver, and Victor Johnson's status in limbo, DeForest is trying to duplicate the explosive return game that he has become famous for putting together.

"Right now we have five true freshmen starting on kickoff," said DeForest. "There's going to be some work that has to be done to get these kids ready for the speed of the game.

"Unfortunately, the hardest thing to simulate in practice is special teams speed of the game because you don't have ones-versus-ones and twos-versus-twos. It's your best against the scout team because of numbers.

"I think hopefully Victor will be returning kicks. Kendall Hunter is going to return kickoffs, along with some of the freshmen. Joseph Randle and Justin Gilbert may have an opportunity to return some kicks as well. Josh Cooper will return punts, along with maybe Joseph Randle."

Jeremy Smith was also getting a look at kickoff returns.

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