Cowboy Practice Report: Day 12

STILLWATER - The schedule called for another morning practice at 9 a.m. Tuesday on the grass practice fields east of Gallagher-Iba Arena, but Mother Nature had her own ideas and the rock 'em, sock 'em weather of football camp 2010 continued when thunderstorms and a couple of heavy rain showers passed through the Stillwater area and the Oklahoma State campus.

Head coach Mike Gundy and his staff adjusted by moving the single practice back to 3:45 p.m. in the afternoon, setting up a practice similar to what it will be next week when school starts. It also took the team into Boone Pickens Stadium to work on something other than a walk through for the first time in camp.

It sounds strange but the stadium is a different environment and some players will change the way they practice inside the stadium. You could call it a stronger football feel. However, Gundy said that was not what he got in the two hour and 20 minute practice Tuesday.

"We had an average practice today, had some good things happen, and some times I thought that we didn't practice very hard," said Gundy.

"We talked afterwards and I told the players that they need to learn to practice with intensity every day. It is an opportunity to get better. Washington State has the same opportunity to get better every day and I didn't think we took advantage of it.

"I don't know, people say that (player practice better in the stadium)," said Gundy. "I didn't think they practiced very well. They weren't into it mentally.

"We changed the schedule because of the rain and they need to be more mature than that and be able to come out and turn it on for two hours and 20 minutes, and I didn't think they did that."

The practice was pretty standard for a fall camp one a day practice as it was physical and featured almost every aspect of the offense and defense and included two team periods that were mainly full contact. It was one that in the hot and humid conditions did not make the coaches happy.

"We did not play real well or practice well today," said defensive coordinator Bill Young. "The tape from the scrimmage showed that we played hard and carried out our assignments real well, so we know what we have.

"That is just how football is, one day the offense looks good, one day the defense looks good and the challenge is to be consistent and go out and play well every day and we are not doing that yet."

"You learn something new about them every single day," said offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen of his players. "When times get tough, (and) they get sore, are they going to push through it? When they have success, how are they going to handle success? I'm learning about these guys every single day."

The learning will continue Wednesday with two more practice sessions. The weather forecast for the rest of the week is for the state to dry out and the heat to return with highs expected to hit the upper 90s on Wednesday and then the triple digits return on Thursday and Friday.

The Cowboys are back on the field Wednesday morning for the first of two practices with a single practice scheduled for Thursday and two-a-days again on Friday leading to a camp finale scrimmage on Saturday.

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