Cowboy Football Notebook

The average high daily temperature in Pullman, Washington, has be 85 degrees through camp. In Stillwater the average has been 97.5 degrees. When the Washington State Cougars come to Stillwater to open the season on Sept. 4, Cowboys offensive tackle Levy Adcock is hoping for an Oklahoma scorcher of an evening.

"Definitely, oh yeah," said Adcock. "I hope they are enjoying paradise because once you get down here it is a whole new weather."

O-Line Status Report
It is far from the finished product but offensive line coach Joe Wickline is happy with the work from his offensive line that looks like Nick Martinez at left tackle and Levy Adcock at right tackle. Parker Graham is in the thick of the picture as well.

At guard, Lane Taylor is on the left side and Anthony Morgan on the right, with Jonathan Rush also included at guard and Brandon Webb improving. Grant Garner is at center. They may be young but they have been around awhile.

"Martinez had got better, but I don't know if he has come as far as Grant Garner and you would have to ask Coach Wickline about that," said Mike Gundy. "Both those guys have improved considerably from this time last year. They were a littl bit better in spring, but they have improved in camp."

As for Adcock, who transferred to OSU in last fall from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M, Wickline is happy to brag on him a little.

"Levy is doing a nice job and he has come a long way, really from the standpoint of maturity and understanding not only what to do, but also thinking that I can do that thing," said Wickline.

The competiton is far from over, but the O-line is not bad at all. "I'm feeling pretty good," concluded Adcock.

The Engine
Middle linebacker Orie Lemon should make the scrimmage on Saturday and he will play, at least some. Lemon is a known commodity and doesn't need to prove anything or be risked a whole lot in the scrimmage. He did miss that last one.

"I wouldn't say I was scared a little bit because it was just a minor thing and I knew I was going to be back out there," said Lemon. "I was ready to get back out there before but he (head athletic trainer Rob Hunt) wouldn't let me."

There is a difference when Lemon is on the field, and the Cowboy senior said he expects that diffference.

"I would like to bring the engine to the defense knowing that I am the senior leader out there and I have been around," said Lemon. "If the defense doesn't change when I'm out there then I'm not doing my job."

All Hands on Deck
We reported that freshman defensive tackle Christian Littlehead arrived Wednesday and defensive lineman Joseph Okafor made it later in the day, and was there this morning. Both players watched practice but have things to do to get enrolled and moved into the apartments.

Both player will begin their acclimatization practices on Monday, an off day for the rest of the squad. The new players will be able to put on full pads next Thursday.

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