Cowboy Football Notebook

Junior defensive end Jamie Blatnick was back on the football field Friday, instead of on the 40-yard-line on the side going up on the StairMaster.

Blatnick was arrested the weekend before the Cowboys reported for participating in a barfight on the Washington Street strip was charged with assualt and battery with a dangerous weapon as he was accused of picking up a beer bottle and striking former OSU offensive guard Steve Denning.

OSU sources said that Blatnick, who had been averaging 500 floors a day (roughly climbing the Empire State Building five times), was back on the field Friday with the defensive ends where he was listed as a starter in spring and for the preseason.

Blatnick will not scrimmage on Saturday but will practice with the defense starting on Tuesday. His status for playing in games is unknown at this time.

Summer of Disrespect Continues
Oklahoma State continues to be a favorite punching bag of the national college football media and some out of region media.

Former Oklahoman sportswriter George Schroeder did a Big 12 breakdown for Schroeder, who now primarily covers Oregon and the Pac-10, picked Oklahoma State to finish 5-7 overall and 1-7 in the Big 12, tied for fifth place in the South with Baylor. Schroeder had the Bears finishing 4-8 overall.

He picked Texas and Oklahoma to tie for the South Division title at 7-1 with Texas having the edge by beating Oklahoma head to head. In the North, Schroeder is drinking the red Kool-Aid of Nebraska, picking the Huskers to go 10-2 overall and 7-1 in conference play. He has Texas beating Nebraska in the title game.

According to Schroeder, Texas A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson is the Big 12 offensive MVP, Jared Crick of Nebraska the defensive MVP, and OU receiver Kenny Stills the top freshman.

In our opinion his predictions up and down the line in the North are off and Crick as defensive MVP is highly suspect. We certainly believe he missed the board with OSU as we believe the Cowboys will be at least 7-5 this upcoming season.

McGee from Magee
The cornerback position was once considered a depth bare situation but thanks to some serious freshmen like Devin Hedgepeth and ultra-talented Justin Gilbert the Cowboys are in better shape.

Brodrick Brown holds down one starting spot and senior Andrew McGee the other. McGee is someone you would love to have as your own child. Intelligent and devout in his faith, plus multi-talented as he is not only a good athlete but a self-taught guitar player and a worship leader.

Last season McGee's career was threatened when he broke his neck against OU in Norman. McGee never blinked but did everything the doctors and trainer said, worked hard, and had faith. He always has faith.

"I had a great summer. I got cleared for my neck in June, and I was able to work out and hit it full speed and I was able to get all my speed and all my strength back really fast," said McGee.

Javing McGee back there is a huge plus for the Cowboys, cornerbacks coach Jason Jones, and the younger corners.

"Just the fact that we have new names and young guys and I'm the only senior in the whole secondary, everyone else might think it's a bad thing, but we have a lot of people that want to eat and they're hungry," said McGee, who is from Magee, Mississippi.

"We've got a lot of young talent. We have a lot of unity right now, and we're connecting as brothers. It's a lot of good stuff to see and to see those guys learn that fast and catch on to the schemes is gonna give us a lot."

With a bevy of talented safeties we are feeling pretty good about the secondary and the fact that this may be as fast a defense as there has been in Oklahoma State football history.

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