LeBryan Nash Close To Decision?

LeBryan Nash made an unofficial visit to Oklahoma State over the weekend. The five-star recruit is ranked as the nation's 12th-best prospect in the Class of 2011. Here is our interview with Tony Johnson, the AAU coach for Nash's Dallas Mustangs team who accompanied him and his mother to Stillwater this weekend.

How was LeBryan's visit to Oklahoma State?
Johnson: It went all right. He didn't make a decision to do anything. He just went there and saw the school and talked to the coaches.

Was it any different than his other visits to Oklahoma State?
Johsnon: No, it wasn't different. It was pretty much the same.

Who was along for the visit?
Johnson: Me, him and his mom.

Is there a timetable for him to make a decision?
Johnson: No, not really. He's narrowed it down to like five schools. I hope he makes a decision (Monday) but I don't think that's going to happen. I'm tired of moving around with him. We can keep going or we can stop.

Why do you say that?
Johnson: We've already seen everything at all the schools. He just needs to sit down and figure out … everybody is saying the same things now, there isn't anything different now.

There's a story circulating that LeBryan wanted to commit to Baylor a few weeks ago but you asked him to hold off until taking one more trip to Oklahoma State. Is that true?
Johnson: Nah, that's a rumor. It is down to Baylor, Oklahoma State and Kansas, and maybe a couple other schools too. He's going to take a visit to all three schools.

He's going to take official visits to those three schools?
Johnson: Yeah, I think he is.

Will LeBryan wait until he takes the official visits to make a decision? Do you think he even needs to take those official visits?
Johnson: I don't think he needs to take any visits. He's already seen all three schools anyway.

So, do you think a decision will come Monday?
Johnson: No, that's just me talking. I wish he would, though.

How will LeBryan announce his choice?
Johnson: I don't have any idea how he's going to do it. Whatever he's going to do, he needs to do it. I'm ready.

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