OSU Football: Top 10 Surprises

Now that preseason camp is over and the Oklahoma State football team is enjoying its second day off without practice today (Monday, also the first day of classes), here is a list of top 10's from preseason camp based on coaches and players.

Top 10 Surprises at Camp
1. Joseph Randle - Tough and talented. Dad says he is a chip off the old block.

2. Tyler Johnson - Showed up a few days before fall camp started, joining the team after playing six years of minor league baseball for the Angels. He showed he is a devil on the field the way he hits.

3. Justin Gilbert - Real world class speed, plays cornerback like he's been there his whole life and wait till you see him on returns.

4. Brodrick Brown - Don't take this the wrong way as it is meant with great respect but I watch him and feel like I'm seeing Darrent Williams re-incarnated.

5. Andrew McGee - Knew he could play, but everyone was praying he could come back from the broken neck at OU.

6. Colton Chelf - All he does is catch everything thrown at him within reason -- the easy ones, the hard ones, he catches them all.

7. Davidell Collins - Late decision to put him at tackle and he has rewarded Bill Yloung. He is from Fordyce, Ark., home of former Cowboy and now All=Pro Viking Kevin Williams.

8. Zack Craig - Markelle Martin promoted him in summer metabolics. Craig came ready to play.

9. Shaun Lewis - The reason he is lower is we expected him to come in ready to play and he did not disappoint.

10. Practice Fields - A lot of times they have really been torn up in a hurry and despite all this heat they held up well.

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