Cayman Bundage Is Impressive In Person

I checked out three different scrimmages Thursday night and the most impressive player I saw on the evening was Oklahoma City Douglass High School lineman Cayman Bundage.

I had a friend of mine that definitely knows talent tell me I needed to see Bundage in person, and he was right on.

First, the junior's size is legit. He has been measured at everything from 6-0 1/2 to 6-3. To me he appears to be a legit 6-2 and he weighs in the 290-pound range. The great thing is he looks trim. My wife was with me and said he doesn't look 290 pounds.

Up close he does as he has a strong upper body and he showed all the moves and techniques I like to see with rip, swim, and bull rush. He is very powerful even in warm-ups with teammates.

In an All-City mini-game against outmanned Northeast Academy, Bundage was dominant. He plays too high on defense but that is common with all high school defensive linemen, especially defensive tackles. He has good feet and also showed good hands as he made a tackle and forced a fumble against the run. I liked the way he pursued and chased plays that were run away from him.

On offense, he played right tackle and showed good form and strength is dominating the linemen across from him. He was driving opponents as many as 10 yards downfield.

I also liked his discipline and ability to follow the plan as down on the goal line when a quick pass was called to his side he executed a cut block getting down and taking out the defensive end to allow his quarterback to have a clear shot at the quick pass. That was on the first scoring drive and Douglass went on to win 21-0.

I don't have all of his numbers from the weight room but plan to get them. He gets great coaching at Douglass, including former Douglass standout and former Oklahoma State and Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Greg Richmond.

I do know that he has had attention from colleges and at Douglass they are anticipating that Bundage will get several college offers when schools can talk to juniors on Sept. 1.

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