OSU-WSU Analysis: I Told You So

You know, I don't think of myself as an egotistical individual but in these days of sports opinionists like Jim Rome, the crew at PTI, and heck even some local radio hosts, anyone and everyone seems to proclaim themselves an expert. The truth is that thoughout fall camp - shoot, make that throughout the summer - here at Go Pokes we clued you in on exactly what was going on with this team.

We nailed the strengths and the weaknesses. We pointed to the players that would stand out. We told you where the depth chart was bare and where OSU could least afford any injuries. There is an old television episode of "Coach" where the main character, Craig T. Nelson, as Hayden Fox says, "I told you so. I told you so. Iiiiiii tolddddd youuuuuuuu soooooooo!"

I feel that way following Oklahoma State's season-opening win Saturday night.

I said Weeden would be good and he was. He had a few early tosses, one a bad decision, and the passing game took a while to get going. But when it did, evidenced by the lone pass, pretty as a picture, to Justin Blackmon for a 42-yard touchdown.

Weeden finished 22 of 30 for 218 yards with no interceptions and three touchdowns. All were to Blackmon with another fade for a 1-yard score and then a 24-yard toss to the back of the end zone. Blackmon later scored on a scoop and score in a blocked punt. We said Blackmon would be the biggest playmaker at wide receiver.

This just in, Kendall Hunter is healthy and better than ever. He finished with 257 yards on 21 carries, 12.2 yards per carry. I think he will lead the nation in rushing after this weekend.

I hope everybody saw that offensive line in front of him play consistently and look better than a first time together for the group. Center Grant Garner said they had mistakes but they did play well as a group.

Defensively, we said they could be better. While the jury is still out, and they did suffer through a second quarter lull, they came back strong.

Defensive tackle, the most threadbare spot on the team, could least afford injuries and both starters - Shane Jarka (knee) and Chris Donaldson (ankle) - were on the sideline for much of the game, and head coach Mike Gundy thinks they will both miss the Troy game.

That means that NIgel Nicholas, who has experience, and the two pups in Anthony Rogers and Davidell Collins played and will have to continue to play. You may soon see Christian Littlehead. It is serious but you had been dutifully warned.

We predicted there would be early drops and there were. Dana Holgorsen wasn't happy but he has seen it before. He has seen the offense take a little time to get going. We said it might and it did.

Holgorsen had to love Kendall Hunter, and promised to run the ball. Okay, we told you on that one too. We had our fingers and toes crossed, but guess what, he really meant it.

You heard and read it all during camp including that this team was better than others said it was going to be. We said that over and over.

Now Washington State isn't a very good football team but many believed OSU would struggle with the Cougars and only beat them by a couple of scores. It takes a pretty good football team to score 65 points and win 65-17 against anybody. Maybe there are a bunch of football experts that should be subscribing to Go Pokes.

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