Wilson Looks For More Aggressiveness

The OU baseball team has a saying that goes "Let It Fly," meaning play with all you've got, don't hold back and leave it all out on the field. Apparently, the No. 10 football team needs to learn a thing or two from that saying after offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson called the offense's at-times lackluster performance in the season opener.

"We've just got to get a lot more positive energy and confidence and a little bit more pep in our step," he said. "A little bit more swagger as an offensive unit, and be more aggressive and be more aggressive in our attack."

The Sooners put up 31 points and 422 yards of offense, which is not bad by any means, but a lot of points, yards and energy were left out there. Maybe that is because a lot of players tried to do too much, were pressing or just did not want to be the guy to mess up in front of a home crowd of over 85,000 on opening night.

"To me, we walked out on that field and they put the lights on the cameras, and we've got too many guys on offense still worrying about making a mistake," Wilson said.

Doing something like that is expected from a freshman or transfer player making his first start at Owen Field, but many of the veterans and second year players were making that mistake. Experienced players make that mistake and do not play aggressive at times for many reasons, but redshirt sophomore quarterback Landry Jones credits it to players, including himself, worrying too much and getting out on the playing field for the first time.

"Sometimes you get into that mode where you get so tight and you know that you have this play where you don't go full speed because you're worried about missing your guy," said Jones, who threw for 217 yards and completed just 47.2 percent of his passes. "I saw a little of that on film, but that's just coming from playing and getting the first game out of the way."

Junior wide receiver Ryan Broyles added to Jones' point by saying players got tense because they are trying to keep their starting spot and were just doing too much to be effective.

"It's the first game; everyone wants to keep their spot," Broyles said. "They kind of over think too many things instead of just going out there and playing football."

So, the solution: relax, do not overwhelm yourself and play smart.

"I think we've got some guys out there trying to guide too much," Wilson said. "They just got to cut it loose."

The Sooners certainly won't be able to play timid against Florida State this weekend if they hope to keep the home winning streak in tact.

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