Stoops: OU 'Held Some Things' Last Week

Did the Sooners hold back offensively last week in their unexpectedly close 31-24 victory over Utah State?

OU head coach Bob Stoops insists they did, despite racking up 422 yards of total offense, which very easily could have translated to nearly 50 points, had OU not turned it over twice inside the 25.

"I said, we'll have a lot more offense this week," Stoops said earlier this week. "And we, again, held some things.

It's likely that one of those is utilizing running back DeMarco Murray in the passing game.

It makes sense when looking at last year.

Murray was the second leading receiver for OU last year, averaging 43.5 reception yards per game for over 500 yards on the year.

"Ideally yes, we would like to get him more balls out in space and from a receiving area," Stoops said.

Perhaps the Sooners are waiting to break out tight end Austin Haywood and some of the other young offensive talents as well?

Still, offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson won't place any blame of the offense being inconsistent at times on leaving some wrinkles out of the game plan.

"Again, if we're out of kilter, that's again our fault as coaches," Wilson said. "Again, we're not trying to sit here and hold it back. We're not being disrespectful to any opponent."

Instead, it's about evolving offensively with the personnel a team has.

"You know, we do have a plan and a thought process of how we're trying to move through the season and week to week and what we're trying to get to and how we want to do it," Wilson said. "So, you know, there's a thought says, hey you throw everything out there. There's a thought that maybe you don't throw as much. You build as you go."

The Sooners elected to go with the latter.

"We've done both through the years here," Wilson said. "Some years we've been more open early. Some years we've been a little bit more fundamental. Let's be cleaner. We're trying to be a little cleaner right now because we're a little younger."

Whatever the case, more of the playbook will be open against Florida State, and OU's offense should be another week cleaner.

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