OU vs. Cincinnati: Report Card

CINCINNATI — The Sooners graded out good in some ways and marginally in others.

Quarterback Landry Jones' poise on the road: A-

He finished 36-for-51 for 370 yards and two touchdowns. He racked up 251 of those in the first half. And it could have been much more had the Sooner receivers come up with several of the passes they dropped. Jones' only blemish on his performance was a pivotal interception he threw in the fourth quarter that allowed Cincy to sneak back into the game.

Mental focus: C-

The Sooners were flagged for 113 yards of penalties. They had 13, and a number of those were personal foul calls. OU has to be better than that in terms of keeping focus and not letting frustration and momentum of the game affect its performance.

Atmosphere: A

Pro venue mixed with loud crowd equals a great atmosphere. This was the second largest crowd ever for a Cincinnati football game, next only to a 2002 match right here at the same venue against Ohio State. There were 58,253 people in attendance, and it was energized. It goes without saying, but the Sooner fans traveled well and made their fair share of noise, ultimately getting the last cheers as OU melted the clock out.

Defensive performance: D

It certainly wasn't pretty. OU gave up 461 yards of total offense on 70 Cincinnati plays. There were a number of big plays the defense allowed that almost cost the team the game. But the one bright spot is this. When the defense had its back against the wall midway through the fourth quarter and Cincy started a possession at OU's 44, it held up with a three-and-out.

Receivers: B-

Okay, there were several drops that could have led to a monster day for Jones. But Ryan Broyles had another 100-yard game with a touchdown, Kenny Stills had 72 yards, Dejuan Miller had 66 and fullback Trey Millard racked up 30 yards on three receptions, with perhaps the biggest one of the game, the final OU touchdown. It was not an above average performance.

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