Thompson Making His Own Mark (Part 2)

In part two Sooners Illustrated talks with 2011 quarterback commitment Kendal Thompson, who could bring a different look to the Sooner offense. He will be staying close to home to carry on a tradition and play with the Sooners. It almost seems like a match that was destined to happen.

For those who may not know, Kendal Thompson, is a Sooner legacy.

His father Charles Thompson was the Sooners Quarterback from 1987-1989. Charles as a red-shirt freshman actually led the then #2 Oklahoma Sooners to a victory over the then #1 Nebraska Cornhuskers in what was talked about as ‘The Game of the Century II'.

Kendal is proud to walk some of the same path that his father walked, but he is also looking forward to leaving his own mark on the program and etching out his own little bit of history.

"Things about my dad I have been hearing my whole life, especially since I have lived just outside of Norman my whole life," Thompson said.

"Being able to make my own mark is something I take pride in. I just take it as a chip on my shoulder and hopefully I can do the same thing at OU when I get there. Create my own name and my own path for my kids to follow."

Thompson is hoping that he can help the Sooners capture a BCS title and playing for championships was a big factor in his mind during the decision making process.

"Going through the recruiting process the number one thing on my list was I wanted to go to a championship contender because I feel like I am that caliber of a player. My dad and I sat down, the NFL and things of that nature all comes into play, but in the end you want to get that hardware."

Thompson also already has a couple of close friends on the OU roster in Austin Haywood and Julian Wilson, both freshamen, who both played at Southmoore before inking to play with the Sooners in February.

Wilson got to spend some time with them and the rest of the team when he went over for an unofficial visit for OU's win over Air Force.

Thompson at OU's summer camp.
"I just went down to the game since I finally had a chance to make it," Thompson began. "Last week our game got rained out so we ended up playing on Saturday and my knee got banged up. So this was the first week I got to go out there without any outside issues. And it was like every time I went down there growing up. I just watched the game and getting to be around the atmosphere with the fans and around the coaches on the field was exciting."

"I got to talk with my good buddy Austin Haywood. I talked to him before and after the game. I'm friends with everybody on the team who I have met so far. Julian Wilson is from my high school too. So it was fun you know playing with them last year and then getting to see them run out of the tunnel. And knowing that I will be doing that here in a couple of months is a great feeling."

Haywood was actually Thompson's go to guy in Southmoore's offense last year. Thompson talked about not having that connection with the big tight end this season and his relationship with Haywood on and off the field.

"It's something I miss this year," Thompson said. "Being my best friend, he was more than just my buddy on the field. He is like my brother that's not my brother. Seeing him out there definitely gets me excited to get down there and hopefully do the same thing we did in high school."

There were other Sooner commits at the game as well who were actually taking their official visits like Brookeshire Royal Running Back Brandon Williams and Klein Forrest Tight End Max Stevenson.

Thompson took his time around the two future offensive teammates to build camaraderie.

"When you are around your fellow commits it's like you have already known them for a long time. Being around Brandon, he came down to a game last year and I got to spend some time with him. So I was really talking with him and I also talked a lot with Max Stevenson who was on his official visit. Just being around those two guys, I sat by them and took a guy from my school. Those are really the only guys I talked to while I was down there."

"Being around Brandon, Max and those guys they really liked the atmosphere. Nobody likes the heat at a 2:30 game but we all enjoyed watching the game and we were pretty crunk."

Joining Thompson in the 2011 class is three-star wide receiver Kameel Jackson and five-star wide receiver Trey Metoyer and he has already started to build a bond with both receivers.

As a matter of fact Thompson has already tried to help bolster OU's 2011 recruiting efforts.

"Kameel and I actually talked with Trey and kind of persuaded him into committing before he even came up for a visit or anything," Thompson informed.

"What they are doing down there and all the other recruits as well with the success they are having makes it exciting to get down there and finally get to meet all the guys."

Thompson, who reports a 4.5 in the 40-yard dash, has plans to enroll in college and get an early jump on his college career in January.

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